If you are getting a jersey for Xmas, who’s name are you getting on the back?

42%, 1194 votes
11%, 326 votes
18%, 517 votes
5%, 133 votes
10%, 272 votes
9%, 261 votes
5%, 152 votes
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  • Espo

    depends which jersey.

    AreTnas jersey? probably Marner after the game he had.

    St Pats? Matthews
    Winter Classic? Probably also Matthews… had himself a game. (although the alumni game sweaters were better than the actual game jerseys)

    Home blues? Hometown hero. Rielly, Marner, Connor Brown, Naz, maybe Hyman if you wanna be difficult.
    Away Whites? Nylander or Gardiner are easy picks, (JVR might be risky w contract status) Marleau had some big boy away games this year already, maybe Uncle Leo, wanna be difficult? Kapanen or Liljegren

    failing that just jersey foul it. I know I will HA!