The Leafs need their own Virgil van Dijk

In a very relatable situation, Liverpool Football Club has had defensive woes for what seemed like decades. Not able to ever develop or acquire any top talent to calm their nerves in dangerous situations – until Virgil van Dijk arrived.


The goals will come soon for Nylander

When a player returns after a long period of time, from an injury or other restriction, people want to point to an exact event and declare that player as back to normal. But now that it’s six games since Nylander’s return and he has yet to score a goal, some fans might be getting a…


The Leafs should be all over Colton Parayko

The St. Louis Blues are struggling. What was seen as just a minor setback to start the season, more than a month into the 2018-19 season they sit 29th in the league and the gap between them and the Blackhawks in the Central division grows bigger by the day.