Leafs call up Trevor Moore, again

While the Leafs are enjoying the California weather and preparing for their matchup against the Los Angeles Kings tonight, young Marlies forward Trevor Moore will be on his way to join the team in the Golden State.


LGD: The Leafs Visit Steel City

There is no reason for all Leafs fans to continue to freak out about losing two in a row the way the Leafs did – but then again, this game is probably the most important game of the season so far.


LGD: A Holl New World

After a terrible loss in their first Auston-less game this season, the Leafs are looking to put that behind them and come to play at home against the Dallas Stars tonight.


Does a bridge deal for Nylander benefit the Leafs?

Yet another day passes where Nylander is not signed and his name is being swirled around in rumours about his future. Whether he foregoes all of this season, gets traded, signs a long-term deal, or signs a bridge deal – every avenue is being explored in the rumour mill.


LGD: The Return of Bozak

The Leafs look to restore some good faith after that terrible outing against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday night. Now they face a tough St. Louis Blues team that is tired of underperforming in recent seasons.