Jack Edwards Needs to STFU

I guess we’ve got to talk about Jack Edwards. No we really shouldn’t, it should be established that this guy is gross, but with the Leafs not playing until Thursday we probably owe you some content that isn’t just us begging for Komarov to stay out of the lineup.


It’s Not Going To Change Now: Game One Usage

We’ve spent an excessive amount of time dealing with our opinions on “tie goes to the veteran” within Leafs Nation. We’ve established where most of us fall when it comes to playing guys like Roman Polak over Connor Carrick, and Leo Komarov over Andreas Johnsson (and to a lesser extent over Josh Leivo). It’s safe…


Monday Mailbag: Jan 29, 2018

Hey look there’s no hockey on tonight. That really sucks. It could always be worse, there could be another All-Star game or skills competition tonight. It seems bizarre that there aren’t any NHL teams willing to take advantage of this slow news cycle to complete a trade and allow there new players to get settled…


The TLN Roundtable: Add A Former Fan Favourite Leaf to the Roster

Our fearless leader is trapped in Buffalo with the Wi-Fi and quality of life you’d expect out of Buffalo so he was unable to post today’s roundtable. He did however manage to hand us down an interesting question to wrestle with our minds… if you could bring back one leafs player cult hero/ fan favourite…


McInjured, Pickard Recalled

You have to wonder what Curtis McElhinney got up to on his days off that his lower body is so sore that he can’t play. All I can say is I hope it was as fun as I’m making it out to be in my mind. Anyways, the Leafs have officially shut him down temporarily…


The More Interesting Aspects of a Salary Cap Increase

The salary cap. There is no greater rivalry in hockey than the Leafs vs. the cap ceiling. The Leafs have more money than God and really want to spend it. They’ve found ways to spend a lot of it. They’ve found ways to spend more than they thought they could. Somewhere along the way they…


Sure, Let’s Talk About John Tavares

It’s nearing Christmas, and if you have kids you’ve been dealing with letters to Santa and catalogs with circled Paw Patrol toys. I guess the adult version of this looking at lists of free agents and dreaming up a scenario where your team has been good enough that a GM is going to bring in…


Oilers Need A Backup Goaltender. Leafs Have Three. Discuss.

With my wife away on business my morning commute this morning meant that I didn’t have an objector to me choosing to listen to TSN Edmonton on the drive in this morning. I consider my wife’s presence somewhat of a blessing because sports radio is terrible and she saves me from myself everyday. Today, I…


TLN Monday Mailbag: December 4th

The call the mailbag post the most anticipated post of the week is an understatement. Well it’s probably an incorrect statement, but for those of us who get to answer the questions it’s probably more fun than it is for anyone reading this. I’m not sure how every single blog has landed on Monday as…


LGD: #HereComeTheOilers

It’s an understatement to say that this game is near and dear to my heart. As a Leafs fan living in Edmonton this is game that has certainly been circled on my calendar since the schedule has been released and I’m looking forward to proudly walking into work tomorrow wearing my Leafs hoodie and toque…