Happy Valentines Day from the Toronto Maple Leafs!

It’s that special time of the year. Whether you’re celebrating it by spending time with someone you love, complaining about how it’s just a corporate scam, or by not really caring at all, Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s time to enjoy it. Luckily for you, the Toronto Maple Leafs themselves want to help you…


LGD: One More Time Against the Rebuilding Sens

Going into this season, one of the biggest stories was how the Leafs and Sens were both great teams, and finally we can have a legitimate Battle of Ontario. Too bad the Sens forgot how to be lucky. It took only four months, but the Sens went from being an Eastern Conference Finals team to…


Morning-after recap: The Toronto Mape-Elites

The Toronto Maple Leafs are actually good again. After one of their best games of the season on Wednesday, they come out last night and put in another great effort. They give McElhinney goal support early on, and don’t look back, as Curtis earns his first shutout of the season. Even better, the Leafs made…


Post-game: Back-to-Back Bronx Team Blowouts

After one of their best games of the season last night, the Leafs came into tonight with probably lesser expectations, but still with a chance to win, despite the back to back situation with travel. But, they were up against a Rangers team that has underperformed this year, and hasn’t played since the All-Star break,…


Morning after-recap: There’s No Fault in Our Stars

Wow, a Leafs game where I actually enjoyed every second of it, and didn’t hate myself for wasting my time watching the team play poorly. Who would’ve thought that we’d see that team again? While it wasn’t the entertaining, back and forth hockey that they played early on, it was a solid, all-around win, and…


Post-game: Auston, Naz, and Willy Make Dallas Look Silly

After a solid OT win last night in Chicago, the Leafs were basically doomed to lose tonight, considering the situation going into the game. But, the Buds made us not worry (for once), and played a… surprisingly complete and all-around hockey game? Wow, what a treat!


Monday Mailbag: Bye Week Edition

Hey everyone, it’s me again. Apparently I didn’t do a bad enough job at this last time, so here I am again, answering all of your questions and such. Yeah, what the hell was Marcus Williams doing? — Richard Lee-Sam (@RLeesam) January 15, 2018 Marcus was just paying homage to his all-time favourite Leaf Roman…


Monday Mailbag: Scooter Edition

It’s your boy Scoot with the mailbag, as boss man DAdam Laskaris has given me the green light to do this weeks mailbag. So, without further ado, let’s make him regret that decision.


Travis Dermott Called Up to Leafs, Marincin Sent Back to Marlies

At long last, the roster move that many thought would happen at the beginning of the season has finally happened, that being the Leafs calling up Travis Dermott. After an impressive rookie season in the AHL, where Dermott both put up points (24 points in 59 games), and held is own in the defensive end,…


Morning After Recap: Putting the Desert Dogs Down

After a long break between Leafs games, we come back from the holidays with an epic showdown between the Leafs and Matthew’s second favourite team. What was very noticeable in this game was that both goalies had a little bit of turkey in their system, what with 10 goals allowed between Freddy and Scott Wedgewood….