Postgame: Storming the Capital

Tonight the Leafs are taking on their seemingly perennial playoff opponent, the Washington Capitals. This is the 6th game of the Maple Leafs’ season, having gone 4-1-0 thus far. The Capitals have been a tough opponent in the past, but they’ve been mediocre so far this season, with 2 losses at 2-1-1. The only lineup…


Leafs Postgame: Leafs Beat Red Wings In A Gunslinging Contest

Tonight, the Leafs took on the Detroit Red Wings in Detroit for their 5th game of this 2018-19 season. The Leafs are having an incredible run so far, averaging 5 goals per game in their first 4 games. The scoring talent on this team is incredible, and the Red Wings seem like an easy target….


LGD: Battle of Ontario, Lopsided Edition

Coming off the 3-2 overtime win against the Canadiens, the Leafs will face the dilapidated Ottawa Senators tonight. As Hockey Night in Canada returns, Toronto will have to ensure they come into this game focused; we all know how easy it is to be lackadaisical in a game like this, which could easily be their…


Shanahan Suggests in Interview: Take Less or Take A Hike

My oh my, I do not miss Lou Lamiorello. Traditional Leafs media are running away with the quotes from today’s Shanahan interview, talking about the process with signing William Nylander. It seems that I’m guilty of it as well, as we dive into what this could mean for Nylander’s future with the Toronto Maple Leafs….


Back in Blue: If each member of the Leafs was an AC/DC song…

When it comes to the very important business of analyzing the similarities between Maple Leafs players and popular music, Shawn Mendes is a great comparable. My very smart and talented colleague, Adam Laskaris (and my boss) wrote a piece explaining these details. But the people have spoken: What if each Leaf was an AC/DC song…..


Preseason LGD: Leafs vs. Habs

Tonight, the Leafs will take on the Montréal Canadiens tonight in Montréal for their 5th of 8 preseason games. After a disappointing effort in Toronto against the Habs, the Leafs will look to rebound in this game. The last contest featured a more AHL-bound roster, so it can be assumed that tonight’s team will look…


Preseason Player Previews: Zach Hyman

Today’s preseason preview post will be on the topic of Zach Hyman. The unassuming 1st liner, children’s writer, hard-nosed Torontonian is a fan favourite in Leafland. A potentially big change is coming for Hyman. For almost his entire NHL career, he has played with one or both of Auston Matthews and William Nylander. Indications thus…


The Leafs Will Win The Cup, And It’s All Thanks to Beards

For those that aren’t subscribed to the text message service “Beard Facts” like I am, recently it was made clear that Kyle Dubas has no policy against beards. You might be saying to yourself, “…….duh? What kind of person has a policy against beards?” Well, the answer to that question is whatever kind of person…


Yegor Korhskov suffers potentially lengthy injury in KHL

Yegor Korshkov, prospect for the Maple Leafs, has had a rough go of his development path. After not being drafted in his original draft year, he was selected by Toronto in the 2nd round of the 2016 NHL draft as an over-ager. He then transitioned to the KHL where he had some good production but…


RFAs the Series: Auston Matthews

A few months ago, I embarked on a series looking at the Leafs’ upcoming restricted free agents (RFAs) who they’ll be looking to sign this offseason. If you missed it when it started, here’s the kick-off post to give you an idea of the structure of the series. Essentially the idea is to use what…


Top 20 Maple Leaf Prospects 2018: #12 Adam Brooks

Today’s prospect profile is on the 12th ranked Adam Brooks. Playing most recently for the Marlies, Brooks has been in the Leafs’ prospect system for a number of years. His stock has risen and fallen in that time quite significantly. This is one of the most interesting and divergent prospects in the Leafs’ system. The…


Getting to know the Leafs’ newest group of front office staff

Over the summer, since Kyle Dubas has taken over as General Manager of the Maple Leafs, one of the major tasks on his agenda was re-tooling the front office staff to his liking. It started with the promotion of Brandon Pridham and the hiring of Laurence Gilman as his Assistant General Managers. Following that, a…