LGD: Turtleneck Reunion

The prodigal son returns. Well, in this case, I guess the family will return to the prodigal son. When the Habs visit town tonight for an Atlantic Division showdown, Tomas Plekanec will face the Montreal Canadiens, the team for which he played 981 games across 15 seasons, for the first time since being dealt. You…


LGD: Return of the Matt

Yeah, yeah, the Leafs are taking on the Buffalo Sabres in the first of what will inevitably become the most depressing four-game regular season stretch in NHL history. But, that’s not what matters. Matt Martin’s back tonight, babyyyyy. Are you excited to watch him play 9 even strength minutes, throw precisely one hit on a…


Postgame: All Aboard the Dermott Express

Do you feel that? That, my friends, is joy. Pure, unadulterated, unflinching joy. A type of joy that both warms your heart, and tickles your toes. A type of joy that only a team who has put you through 50 years of pain and suffering can give you. And boy, does it ever feel good….


Postgame: Eric Lind-Loss

I have nothing to say here. This team isn’t worth the virtual ink. Let’s just get this over with. Corsis                                                                     Chart…


Postgame: Pathetic

Tonight, the 29th place Ottawa Senators strolled into the ACC on the second half of a back-to-back, on the road, having just been pumped for 8 goals against less than 24 hours ago. So, naturally, they beat the Leafs. The English language has yet to produce the words capable of describing how pathetic that is. Let’s…


My Five Favourite Leafs Moments of 2017

For the non-sports world, 2017 was a thoroughly horrifying year. America continued to implode, every celebrity you had ever admired was revealed to be a terrible person, and “Young Sheldon” was TV’s #1 new show. Now, if you happened to be a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, your 2017 was quite the opposite. On…


LGD: Hot n’ Ready

What a bag of trash last night was. Over the last month, every single person in Leaf Land who possesses even the smallest grasp of predictive analytics has become Chicken Little, desperately warning the oblivious villagers of the skies impending collapse. Well, last night it happened. Facing Minnesota, The Leafs put forth their worst game…


What Should Each Leaf get for Christmas?

Ah, Christmas. That magical time of the year when we come together to willfully allow an elderly sweatshop owner to break into our homes, all while trusting him to not murder us in our sleep. While Christmas may, in fact, be the season of giving, it also serves to be the season of receiving as…


Leafs Postgame: The Real McJesus

The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Edmonton Oilers 1-0 tonight, and their one goal wasn’t scored by Kris Russell. Baby steps, Edmonton. Baby steps. With Auston Matthews sitting this one out due to an upper-body injury, and coming in on the second half of a back-to-back, the odds were stacked against The Buds in this one….


Leafs Postgame: A Kris-mas miracle

Finally, the city of Edmonton got to see first-hand what a superstar looks like. Considering this is my first ever post game, there really was no team I’d rather the Leafs face than the Oilers. Boy, they’re bad. Like, “Travis Yost food takes” bad. Corsis Powered by Corsica.hockey Despite dominating the first period, the Leafs…