Making it up to mom: Replacing a lost Maple Leafs sweater

My mother is the reason I am a Maple Leafs fan today. For as long as I can remember, she has been a steadfast supporter of the Toronto hockey club. Growing up as a youngster in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in the 1960s, however, it’s surprising that she didn’t wind up rooting for the Bruins….


The Time the Leafs Got Their London Broiled

Later this month, the Maple Leafs will travel to Halifax to play the Senators. It marks the first time they’ve had a preseason competition outside the province since they took on the Coyotes in Winnipeg on September 19th, 2007. But in the not too distant past they’ve traveled much further for preseason action. Twenty three years ago today, the…


George Armstrong’s Banner Comes Home

Photo Credit: @MapleLeafs / Twitter This past July, all eighteen banners of Toronto Maple Leafs legends descended from the rafters at the Air Canada Centre. As plans move forward to commemorate the team’s 100th season, new standards will be unveiled later this year and raised to replace the old ones.