Total Hockey G.O.A.T.: Five Datsyuks versus Five Ovechkins, Who Wins?

You thought it was dead, but this August downtime filler series continues. It’s time for more of the ridiculous five on five hypothetical series. Today we’ve got sort of an unpredictable one, as the Ovechkin quintuplets take on the Datsyuk quintuplets. This one is interesting, because while Ovechkin has clearly had the more notable career,…


Total Hockey G.O.A.T.: Five Evgeni Malkins vs Five Joe Sakics

No matter if you’re a basketball follower or not, you probably realize the Lebron vs. Jordan debate is something that’s raged on for a few years, perhaps being taken to its apex this past season as James carried a bunch of corpses to the NBA Finals. Hockey’s version of this argument is probably Lemieux vs….


Auston Matthews needs more ice time

It might seem weird to suggest that, after adding another top-ten centre to their roster, the Leafs should try to find more ice for the one they already had, but that’s what Mike Babcock needs to do as Auston Matthews heads into his third NHL season. There’s been some “chatter” around the supposed Babcock-Matthews rift…


The Case for Bobby Ryan on the Leafs next season

Bobby Ryan’s contract is perhaps one of the most problematic in the NHL right now. That’s no secret. The 31-year-old forward is locked in for 7.25-million AAV for the next four years, and in the  past few seasons he’s looked like a shell of his old self – the lone bright spot in recent memory…


WWYDW: Let’s get Erik Karlsson to Toronto

On the heels of a pretty serious scandal, the Senators traded Mike Hoffman to the Sharks yesterday. A few moments later, he was on the move again to the Panthers, and what came out in the wash is that Pierre Dorion was essentially ordered to send him out of the division. Obviously Florida found an…


The Ryan Merkley conundrum

When the Leafs were terrible, I’d usually spend most of the second half of the season looking at draft content, seeing who might go in the top ten, who could be a steal later, and so on. Since they got good, admittedly my interest in the draft has been pushed back to a quick catch-up…


A brief history of trading late first-rounders at the draft

If things stay the way they are currently, the Leafs are set to step to the podium and pick 25th overall next Friday. But they probably won’t. If recent Leafs’ history is teaching us anything, that draft pick is very likely going to be moved out for a couple later ones, and a deal like…


The Leafs might do a whole lot of nothing this summer

There’s a lot of expectation and excitement around the Leafs going into this summer, and understandably so. Cap space? They have it. A new-looking front office that seems it’ll be ahead of most of the league gives us all hope that some of the wheel-spinning moves and slight missteps over the last couple years are…