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Nylander “rather close” to re-signing

Some important information regarding Nylander was released by Chris Johnston and Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet’s Saturday Headlines segment during the second intermission of tonight’s game against the Flyers.

To sum up what Johnston and Friedman mentioned about the Nylander situation, the Leafs and Nylander’s camp are “rather close” to signing and the agreement on dollars have been closer than before.

According to Friedman, they went from being millions apart to “just $500,000 apart” as of today.

Speaking of dollars and term, Johnston says that a likely contract will look like a six-year deal worth about $41.4-million, for a $6.9-million AAV.

As of now, it looks like any other option is mostly out of the picture. Of course, a random trade could still happen out of nowhere and they might miss the December 1st deadline – but it is looking like re-signing is the winning bet.

Johnston also mentioned that a long-term deal was not the only option for Nylander re-signing, the bridge contract option is still on the table as a possibility. But as it has been reported much earlier in this whole saga, both parties want a long-term deal.

I guess Marc Savard has some deeper sources than we thought.

We are all ready, get this done guys.

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