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LeBrun: Leafs “continuing to have dialogue” with Nylander’s camp, met this past weekend

This isn’t the news we were waiting for. Today, Pierre LeBrun of TSN/The Athletic/RDS tweeted out that Nylander and the Leafs… well, they’re still talking.

Heck, we don’t even know if it’s news or not. Was it ever reported they’d stopped talking?

It’s mostly a “same old” same old tweet, but we’re starving for just about anything at this point. Someone could even post an emoji of the Swedish flag and we’d find that noteworthy at some point.

Our friend Tyler might have summed it up best:

A worthy take from Jonas Siegel today, of the Leafs exploring uncharted waters:

A bit from a flustered fan in Boston this weekend…

Here are some more Nylander takes from us:

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So what do you think? Is Pierre LeBrun just filling a quota? Are the Leafs going to sign him? Will the world die an inevitable heat death before December?



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