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WWYDW Friday Edition: Garret Sparks Playing Time

We are now 15 games into the season, and despite hopes in the offseason that Babcock might stray from the status quo, we have seen Freddy play 13 games, and Sparks has only been in two. One of these games was because of a back to back, and the other was because Freddy was hurt. Basically the same as the last couple seasons when McElhinney was in net.

After playing 66 games and facing 2,211 shots last season, it started to take a toll on Freddy come playoff time, where he allowed 23 goals in 7 games, and had a .896% save percentage. While it made sense that Freddy played as much as he did last season because playing 25-30 games isn’t something McElhinney is meant to do. But, with Sparks, we might have a goalie capable of easing some of Freddy’s workload, and making him more playoff ready.

So, should the Leafs try to play Sparks a little more than they would McElhinney, or should he still be kept to just back to back’s, barring injury?

If so, should Sparks start coming in against weaker teams? Should it just turn into a 1a/1b tandem once the Leafs solidify their playoff spot?

If not, why? Is there a lack of confidence in Sparks? Is it because you think he sucks? Is it because you think Babcock won’t change his ways?

Let us know in the comments.

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