Who should the Leafs offer a PTO to?

It’s PTO season! Time to give players tryouts and maybe roster spots instead of signing them to contracts because you’re afraid they might actually just be old now.

So we asked our staff: Who would you like to be a PTOronto Maple Leaf?

That’s Kappy!

PA “Professional Athlete” Parenteau


Enstrom. Wait, I’ve been away for a while, is he still a valid option?

I’m good with Enstrom, or if I’m in hot take mode, I’d say Troy Brouwer because I can’t shake the fact that Babcock wants someone like him on the 3rd or 4th line

Oh, and Matty Stajan, because he’s the King of Mississauga
* Immediately changes answer to Nick Shore and Brandon Davidson to look smart *

Scott  Maxwell

I’ve been thinking the Leafs should PTO Nick Shore. They aren’t really sure of what Par Lindholm is capable of yet, and if he has a weak training camp, having Shore as a backup option could be helpful. He’s a solid C and would improve our centre depth if Lindholm doesn’t pan out

Ryan Hobart

Following on the same idea as Scott with Nick Shore, I would love to see Antoine Vermette brought in on a PTO to see if maybe he can outplay Lindholm for 4th line center.

Ryan Fancey

I’m on the Shore train.
Or Kari Lehtonen.
Or Camalleri


If he still actually wants to play hockey, having Rick Nash as a fourth-line winger would be fun. He will then clearly fall in love with the organization and agree to be Freddy Gauthier’s winger with the Marlies.

Adam Laskaris

Dominic Moore. Don’t actually sign him, but do the just thing and showcase him in the preseason so maybe someone else does.

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