WWYDW: The New Leafs Play by Play Guy

Yesterday, everyone’s favourite Leafs columnist Steve Simmons hit us with this bomb.

So, it seems like Paul Romanuk won’t be calling Leafs games next season. Whether you liked it when he accidentally called William Nylander by his father’s name, confused Kadri with Bozak, his anti-analytics bits with Greg Millen, or anything of that sort, Romanuk is gone, and that leaves a vacancy for Sportsnet to fill this season.

Of course, this really only applies to 40ish games, with CBC and TSN getting roughly one quarter each themselves, so it’s not as big of a deal as if Jack Edwards were to stop calling games for the Bruins (one can pray for that glorious day).

But, a vacancy is a vacancy, and while we don’t know who will fill it currently, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Will they bring back Joe Bowen? Will they give Jim Hughson more games? Will they bring in a young, new voice to the team? Maybe even break social boundaries and bring in a female commentator? Or go super old school and just have Bob Cole do it?

There are plenty of options, so who will be the next Leafs play by play commentator for Sportsnet?

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