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Ugly victory as the Leafs force a Game 6

Saturday night.

A big road game in the playoffs, where if they lose their season is over.

How did the Leafs play?

Let’s start by looking at this:

Shots on goal by

Toronto 6 10 5 21
Boston 15 10 20 45

Kind of ugly right?

How about this?

First Period

Penalties – Bozak Tor (slashing) 13:54.

Second Period

Penalties – Zaitsev Tor (tripping) 9:28; Grzelcyk Bos (tripping) 11:24; Hyman Tor, Gardiner Tor, Backes Bos (roughing) 12:51; Bozak Tor (interference) 13:18; Polak Tor (slashing) 13:45; Johnsson Tor (hooking) 18:33.

Third Period

Penalties – Dermott Tor (holding) 3:10.

Blame the refs if you want. Blame the Leafs for not playing disciplined. But whatever you want to blame, oh my goodness was that a stressful set of penalty kills along the way.

And hey, for good measure, check this out!

Can you say “hold the heck on” for the win? It was not pretty by any means, but all that matters is putting one more win in the W column.

The goals


Connor Brown popped in the Leafs’ first goal of the game, which coincidentally was his first career playoff goal. The ginger-faced assassin batted this puck out of the air and past Tuukka Rask to give the Leafs just their second lead of the series.

A few minutes later, we’d have another first career playoff goal!

This time, it’d be the young (but not really that young Swede Andreas Johnsson with his first career playoff goal. Beautiful teamwork with Nazem Kadri, and a slick move past Rask.

Tyler Bozak and a Game 5 in Boston? Flashback to 2013, much? Oh, the Bruins scored their first goal sometime before that, but just under a minute later, Tyler Bozak restored the two goal lead.

Time to chase Rask? Time to chase Rask. The man with a plan, James van Riemsdyk comes through and scores well, the only way he knows how, apparently. Four goals on 13 shots isn’t a bad way to get things going, and whooooooop, it’s Anton Khudobin taking up his spot inside the Bruins net.

After that…. we don’t really want to talk much. As we mentioned, there were about 45 minutes of the Bruins power play, a 5 on 3 at one point, a pair of Bruins goals and about 700 Bruins shots. There’s a very obvious joke there, but the Leafs were able to hang onto the lead, despite any leakage it may have caused from any area of your body.

But hey, the Leafs won, and we’ll see you at 7 p.m. on Monday night.

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  • lukewarmwater

    You have to give league commissioner 78 year old league commissioner and owner of the Boston Bruins Jeremy Jacobs credit. Gary is his pet poodle. Yesiree, Jeremy has the latest technology for the T.D. Gardens as he has put in invisible wires that run from his box seats to the ice where they are strapped around the refs back. I mean how else to explain the farcical officiating that made the World Wrestling Entertainment look legitimate. How come no reporting on lots and lots and lots and lots of stats including my beloved CORSI. Just funning certain souls in here. They don’t seem to have a sense of humour.

  • Glen

    Well the Leafs won and since I didn’t have a heart attack I think my heart health must be OK. The Leafs got of to a good start but due to questionable officiating and dumb penalties by a couple of rookies things got pretty tense. The good Freddy showed up and no doubt he was the star. To me Matthews and Nylander look they are still a bit off.