Postgame: Screaming Internally, Externally, At Babcock, and At the Buds

What’s up everyone, I’m the one who got stuck covering this monstrosity of a game, and in case you couldn’t tell, the Buds were All Day except from 8-11pm this Saturday.

So, I’m about to put as much effort into this as the Leafs did.

1st Period

Yeah, you watched that, I watched that, let’s not remind each other of that.

2nd Period

Oh wow, the Leafs actually scored a couple goals.

HYMAN TO MARNER, LET’S GOOOOOOO- oh great, the Bruins scored again.


Rielly fires a wrister from downtown to Downtown Connor Brown, and he dishes it to Bozak Horseman, and it’s a three goal lead again.

And we’ve all seen three goal leads get blown in Boston.

3rd Period

I can’t wait for Game 3 tbh. Babcock’s gonna scratch Nylander and bring in Martin, Leo might be hurt but we’ll just replace him with Dominic Moore, and then Babcock’s gonna somehow magically bring Matt Hunwick back, scratch Dermott, and play Hunlak for all 60 minutes, because compete and stuff.

Oh hey, van Riemsdyk scored.

The Tweets

At least the tweets were good.

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  • mm90

    Boston just did to the leafs what the weather has been doing to us all day.

    Did we or did we not acquire, at the trade deadline, the one player who the Rat hates the most in the NHL? Maybe try putting Plekanec out there against Marchand every once in a while.

    If Jake Gardiner is patrolling that blue line come next season so help me god I will throw a shoe at him.

    This game was so frustrating to watch, it was the first time I actually quit on them. Didn’t think that was possible. Why should I care more than they apparently do.

    On the bright side, if Philly can come back from their game 1 against the pens, then anything is possible.

    Anyways, Buck Foston and I hate zdeno chara and the rest of them.

  • lukewarmwater

    Now simmer down there boys and girls as to quote Monty Python, ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. So stop the weeping and gnashing of teeth and rendering of your $250.00 Lady Byng leading candidate Auston Matthews jersey. Because boys and girls you are about to get a history lesson. You whipper snappers think you felt pain, humiliation, embarrrassment. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING. That’s right kids, because we are going back in the time machine to April 2, 1969, a couple of months before Neil Armstrong takes that giant step for man kind. The old Boston Gardens, Leafs v.s. Bruins game one of the playoffs. The Bruins with Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr, Ken Hodge, Johnny Bucyk, Derek Sanderson, Gary Cheevers, some coach named Donald Cherry and the score of the first game youngsters a freaking 10 to 0 that’s right zero, nada, zilch for the big bad Bruins.
    Now I know what you are thinking the leafs will step up to the plate in the second game just like Babs promised tonight. Well the leafs did they only were defeated 7 to 0. So you think you felt pain tonight, give your head a shake. You don’t know what 50 years of frustration truly is. You have nooooo idea of how us veteran leaf fans have suffered. We are use to this crap. We are members of the masochistic society for sticking with this leaf organisation as our $50 million dollar man builds a a team of Lady Byng candidates. Heh BABS PLAYOFF HOCKEY IS PHYSICAL CLUE IN.
    Btw Bob Canuck don’t embarrass yourself by coming in here to preach the praises of one Jake Gardiner, the bum couldn’t even break his stick over the cross bar as he gave up his usual patented break away give away.

      • lukewarmwater

        Did you give a standing 0 to Jake on goal number six. This afraid of his own shadow player couldn’t even break his own stick over the cross bar after his typical give a way. Give your head a shake. Hainsey at 37 plays his ass off all year while your fan favourite floats. If our $50 million dollar coach and leaping Lou have any intelligence, Gardiner is gonesville in the off season. But heh keep cheering on his beloved Corsi and watching him cough up the puck all night to the Bruins. It is still a free country.

        • Kanuunankuula

          Yeah, I really don’t give rat’s ass how he does his defending. Hitting, stick, whatever. Fact of the matter is that you don’t get extra points for being tough, you win or lose by goals. And guess what? When Jake Gardiner is on the ice, the Leafs outscore their opponents. That’s his whole career. So you can mock Corsi all you want, but give your head a shake if you ignore goals too.

          As to Hainsey, trying hard means pretty much nothing if the results aren’t still there. He was great for the first half, but has been falling for the second half. I’d wager it has something to with him being overused.

    • Bob Canuck


      You demonstrated one of the reasons why it is important to include relevant data in an analysis. Namely, memory is not as reliable as we believe it to be. Harry Sinden, not Don Cherry, was the coach of the Bruins in the 1969 playoffs.

  • Kanuunankuula

    I don’t know what to say. The Leafs just have no answer for that Bergeron line. The “Ron Hainsey as top D” was a nice story and all, we’ve scraped by this season with this D core, but if this 2 games doesn’t confirm that the whole right side needs to be shipped off this summer, don’t know what does.

    Not really blaming Andersson or McElhinney for this. I really need to see something from Babs now. Show me why you’re the highest paid coach. The personnel isn’t perfect but you need work some magic here.

    • lukewarmwater

      Babs is showing us that he has pulled off a great train robbery of conning the naive fan boy Toronto media and the oh so duped fans. Some things never change at least in the last 50 years.

      • LAKID

        Babcock is a pompous bag of hot air and the players will not play for him soon if it hasn’t happened already. It is to late but get Matt Martin into the line up now, if there is a miracle Kadri can get one more game in if Babcock doesn’t sit him for game 5 if they make it. Kadri is as good as gone at seasons end, Babcock doesn’t like his tough play.

  • leafdreamer

    I don’t think we lost tonight because we were too soft.

    Tonight, we lost because we gave up grade a chances to a few very skilled guys who buried them.

    We win the Corsi battle. We had more chances and we played really well actually.

    Don’s criticism of Zaitsev is unfair. Zaitsev’s actually played really well defensively. Rielly’s the one that gets exposed defensively. He’s an offensive juggernaut but he has to be sheltered defensively or this is going to continue.

    This was a very lucky and fluky win for Boston. Everything went right for them tonight. They got all the bounces. There’s no way this continues.

  • DukesRocks

    Corsi, advance stats blah blah blah. All I know is this, if they played Martin from the start of this series, Kadri may not have thought he needs to fight for the whole team. I think Babs needs to stop listening to these advanced stats nerds and play Martin. And if they run your skilled players, you run theirs.

  • Glen

    This is just plain ******* bad, those two games have been the worst since the Ballard era. I was there in 69 to witness the debacle that Luke mentions, but we had four cups in the previous decade to soften that. Please don’t come one here with the corsi crap all that does is illustrate how misleading corsi can be. If this plays out in this manner some tough questions have to be asked. How good are the Leafs young players? How good a coach is Babcock in 2018? What about Lou? But lets see what they do in TO.

    • lukewarmwater

      Well said Glen, we were indeed there I’m feeling terrible as I mentioned all the stars that Boston had and well I don’t have time to stay up all night getting excited studying this stat, that stat, a stat here a stat there, a stat everywhere. But I do apologise at age 69 to Bobby Canuck for making one mistake in not remembering that Harry Sinden was the Bruins coach but I SURE AS HELL REMEMBER BEING OUT SCORED TEN TO ZERO AND SEVEN TO ZERO. Lord give me strength to have to read posters in here that still think Jake Gardiner belongs on the leaf defence. They similar to those zero goals that the leafs scored in the first two games of the 1969 playoffs have zero comprehension of how the physicality totally dictates the out come of this series just as it has for decades in the playoffs. But, but OUR CORSI IS REALLY IMPRESSIVE. As we both know Babcock, leaping Lou and Shanahan have a lot of questions to ask about at this point building a Lady Byng team that Virtue and Moir would be proud of.

  • Bob Canuck

    To say the least, it is disappointing that the Leafs are down 2-0 in the series and have been outscored 12-4. I remain optimistic but my main concern is the Leafs goaltending. It has to get better.

    I would break these results into two areas: 5v5 play and special teams.

    At 5v5, the play is very even.

    Stephen Burtch sent out a tweet that shows the following:

    High Danger Shots
    Boston – 3 goals on 9 HD shots; Leafs – 3 goals on 9 HD shots

    Medium Danger Shots
    Boston – 3 goals on 21 MD shots; Leafs – 0 goals on 18 MD shots

    Low Danger Shots
    Boston – 1 goal on 21 LD shots; Leafs – 0 goals on 22 LD shots

    The Bruins have generated an Expected Goals For of 3.88. They have scored 7 goals. The Leafs xGF is 3.65; they have scored 3 goals. In terms of shots on goal, Boston has 52 and Toronto has 45. The teams are very similar in terms of generating chances.

    Special Teams

    On the power play, the Bruins have generated an Expected Goals For of 1.69. They have scored 5 goals. The Leafs xGF on the power play is 1.66; they have scored 1 goal. In terms of shots on goal, Boston has 14 and Toronto has 12. Leaving aside goals, the power plays are very similar in terms of generating chances.

    The Leafs goalies have been poor. On both the penalty kill and even strength, the Bruins have scored more than what is expected on average. It may be partly due to luck but I think it is mostly attributable to the poor play of Leafs goaltenders.

    Freddie has to play better.

    • lukewarmwater

      Bobby I’ll give you this you are indeed dedicated to your stats. We are both leaf fans highly disappointed. I think we both know when the leafs add a number of players who won’t shy away from the physicality in the playoffs and actually initiate it, we will be much more successful in the playoffs. What I find fascinating is that the leafs of last year actually played a more physical style against the Capitals. Not sure why so many guys want no part of the tough, physical battles this season. As I stay it is up to management to rectify this serious problem.

      • LAKID

        The Leafs never had a chance against the Bruins. The Bruins are out coaching them ( which is not hard to do), out hitting, out scoring and just plain better. Where is Matthews,Marner and Nylander? is Babcock even playing them? Bruins sweep!

  • graves007

    The Leafs simply look like a young team that has not figured out what it takes to win in the playoffs. There is no push back, no fight, no determination….they look and are playing exactly like they looked in the hallway just before stepping out on the ice…intimidated. Bruins on the other hand looked and acted ready to stomp the Leafs, which is exactly what happened.

  • FightingFourDozen

    The Leafs are inexperienced, but this Boston team is rolling right now and has been rolling all year, the Leafs would be fine against a lesser opponent, they’re just running into a buzzsaw here, this Boston would be rinsing better teams than the Leafs as well the way they are in the groove right now.

  • FightingFourDozen

    What would I say? Based on the recent history, I think it’s fair for the fan base to say that the Leafs actually have to beat Boston before they get any credit for beating Boston.