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Morning-after recap: C’est la Buds

Toronto and Montreal on a Saturday night. One of the greatest traditions in sport, and a powerhouse matchup that’s sure to see two competitive teams… okay hahaha we can’t even finish that sentence.

The Leafs, who are quite good, ran into the Habs, who are not good, and stomped them last night.

1-0 Leafs (William Nylander goal)

The clip starts with a familiar scene: Tyler Bozak missing an empty net.

But thankfully, it ends with another familiar scene: the Leafs scoring a goal off a faceoff. This time, it’s ace William Nylander, who picks up his 10th power play point of the season with a perfectly placed shot and it’s 1-0 good guys.

2-0 Leafs (Kasperi Kapanen goal)

After Nylander gave the Leafs the lead, it was up to his buddy Kasperi to get a goal of his own.

After a wonderful pass to send him on a breakaway by Travis Dermott, Kasperi made no mistake and got the job done. First assist of the year for Curtis McElhinney, too.

3-0 Leafs (Nazem Kadri goal)

Marlies graduate goal?

Marlies graduate goal. It’s hard to remember when Kadri was just a prospect lighting up the AHL, but at one point in time he was filling in the hope department for the blue and white.

Mitch Marner gets things going with a familiar slap pass in front of the net, and Kadri simply gets his stick on it and redirects things into the open cage. Okay, maybe not that simply, but he made it look easy. 3-0 Leafs on their second PP goal of the night.

4-0 Leafs (Andreas Johnsson goal)

They say you never forget your first one. What an effort from Andreas Johnsson, and how sweet is it that we get to keep on seeing first NHL goals on ACC ice. Let’s hope this kid never stops smiling, and everyone’s happy in Toronto.

It wasn’t the prettiest effort, but hey, earns you just the same amount of hugs.


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      • lukewarmwater

        Speaking of being out, I along with DeMar, Coach Casey and Serge got thrown out by referee Mark Davis as the Raps got hosed today. Even my normallly calm better half also got thrown out. Cheers Glen.

  • Ty

    Man somebody on the Leafs like Leivo has be practicising JVR skills or there is gonna be a big hole next year if he’s gone: tips, screens, tip pass, goal line shots, spin around shot from the crease, roofing it from up close, catching it in front, box outs, push offs, getting to the front, going unnoticed, not getting goaltender interference.

  • lukewarmwater

    Now that was fun last night as the ever improving, entertaining, always exciting, Stanley Cup contending leafs win their 12th straight at home over the poor Habs who they now have out scored 10 to 0 in their last two games.
    Thanks for the kind comments guys, a bit under the weather for a week there. Man young Mr. Johnsson and the million watt smile. Now that truly was priceless. And once again coming in from the bull pen, none other than Curtis Mac who should be awarded the back up goalie award winner. See what I did there, I just created the award.
    Awesome, Auston, Moses, Matthews about to return with our great starter steady Freddy. I haven’t been this excited about my leafs for years. The Leafs and Raptors have been playing around 800 at home for their fans.
    What a time to be a Toronto sports fan, WHOOOOOOOO.