Mailbag: Tuesday edition

We did the mailbag on Tuesday this week instead of Monday. Hope you appreciate that.

No, you send them on twitter. Next.

We’ve floated a couple different ideas on what to do this offseason, but we don’t think it really matters who is GM. 31 GMs around the league will be looking to see if they can finagle John Tavares this offseason, and you’d best believe the Leafs are going to position themselves to at least get some preliminary discussions going with his agent. Whether they materialize is a whole other story, and our guess is as good as yours as to whether there’s any chance of him putting on the blue and white in the future.

Keep them. There’s no rule you have to get rid of depth at one position just because you have it, and an injury or two quickly can deplete that depth. Despite the hype, the AHL depth still has to, you know, play in the NHL regularly, and we’ve seen first hand that can be far from a sure thing. As long as you’re not getting a fantastic trade offer coming the other way, there’s no reason why the Leafs can’t just keep their goalies for now.

We’ll see how today’s most recent call-up fares, but more and more the answer to this question is looking like a no. You could bet on Leo turning things around next year, but at the same time, there’s really little upside that we haven’t already seen from him. His defensive and offensive numbers have been in decline over the past two seasons now since a career year in 2015-16, and at the end of the day he’s taking up a valuable roster spot on a fourth line where it seems the Leafs have created a logjam for themselves. Every dollar against the cap counts, and it seems like the Leafs are best spent saving that money somewhere else.

Because by keeping things simple, the NHL likes to make everything more complicated once again. No other explanation, really.

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