Roundtable: If Auston is out long-term, does that change your outlook for the remainder of the season?

In case you missed it, the only real interesting thing going on in the Leafs universe today is that their lord and saviour suffered a shoulder injury last night.

While #AM34 was announced at practice today as “day-to-day”, we still don’t really know how long he’ll be out.

So we asked our staff: If Auston Matthews is out for a while,  does that change your outlook for the remainder of the season?

That’s Kappy

The playoffs are 7 weeks away, so the definition of “long term” depends. If it’s less than that, the Leafs are still going to cruise into the playoffs and will be fine. If it’s more, then things get dicey. I’d lean much more towards unloading the likes of JVR and maybe some other pieces like Leo Komarov if possible. That’s not to say that the Leafs shouldn’t already be looking to do this – that’s up for debate, and I’m inclined to be in favor of it – but this could really tip them towards selling a little.
Just no panic buys, please.

Dylan Fremlin

only if he’s dead

Megan Kim

Trade for Tavares, get Auston back for Round Two, win the Cup. Tada.

Scott Maxwell

The only big difference an Auston Matthews injury makes is if he’s still hurt come playoff time, and even then I don’t think it’ll be a huge change towards our eventual outcome. Auston or not, the Leafs are still gonna coast to the playoffs, and probably lose in round 1 to either Tampa or Boston. The only difference Matthews makes at this point is towards our slim chance at getting first in the division and increasing our chances of winning in the first round. So, as long as he’s not still hurt come April, there should be no change in the outlook of the season

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  • lukewarmwater

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    Steady Freddy ran his record to 9 wins out of 10 against the sweaty wrestling Bruins. The goalie who should win the Veinza trophy eats bean town for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The league is looking into the birth certificate controversy with Chara as he looks 50 out on the ice.
    Marvelous Mitch was well magnificent with a goal and three assists.
    Leaf management has still not stated what happened last night, as millions of leaf fans spit out their beer when they saw Jake the Snake Gardiner throw a body check.
    Leafs nation crew you are most welcome for this summary of just the usual leaf victory. You are a beautiful audience, thank you, thank you , thank you.