Morning After: Well, That Could’ve Gone Better

After a nice five game winning streak, the Leafs finally got a wake up call against a legit team. While their recent games against Tampa and Columbus were a cause for concern, they still won them and got the two points, so no big deal. But, Pittsburgh came along and reminded the Leafs that they’re the defending Stanley Cup champions for the second year in a row, and showed the Leafs what it’s going to take to really compete come playoff time.

And yes, there were a few goals to go along with it, so let’s get started.

1-0 Pittsburgh

Yeah, this was kind of a bad play for some of the Leafs. Most of the forwards were coming back late, and the gap coverage to let Hagelin just kind of sneak in there and tip it home does not help either.


Great awareness by JVR behind the net to get that puck out in front as quickly as possible, and a great (but sloppy) shot by Brown to blast it past Murray and tie the game.

2-1 Leafs

Great job by Dermott to get the puck on net quick, and Murray with the mother of all rebounds right on to the stick of Bozak, who taps it in quite easily to give the Buds their only lead of the game.


This one was kind of wacky. Not the greatest clearing attempt by Gardiner, but the puck doesn’t do the Leafs any favours, making a couple of weird bounces before ending back on Malkin’s stick and in the net.

FIFA World Cup is in the summer, Sid

3-2 Penguins

Pretty much a garbage goal for Aston-Reese, but sometimes you gotta be good to get those goals, and that’s something that most of the Leafs were not on this play.


Daddy Marleau with a howitzer to tie the game. Even took a stick to the face like a champ in the process. What a great role model for the kids!

4-3 Pens

Yeah, this is one of those goals that just happens sometimes. Maatta takes a slapshot, and Freddy either can’t see it, or it takes a slight bounce off a player and throws him off a bit. It sucks, but it happens.

5-3 Brad’s Pitts

Once again, the entire Leafs defense just does nothing, and leaves Bryan Rust wide open to bury it in the empty net. It was the nail in the coffin for the Leafs, and it was basically a summary of the entire game for them in one play.

Hopefully they can put up a much better performance tomorrow against a much weaker Detroit Red Wings team, but this kind of game was a bit of a let down considering that they had played the last little while. It just goes to show that this team can beat the teams that are on their level, or on a tier below, but can barely compete with the truly elite.

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