Leafs Geeks Podcast – Microstats with Andrew Berkshire

Andrew Berkshire from Sportsnet joins us this week to break down the Leafs using some of his proprietary metrics from Sportlogiq. Here’s a list of the topics we discuss:

1:20 – What is Sportlogiq?
4:10 – What can the public do with microstats from private companies?
14:15 – How bad is Gardiner’s turnover rate?
20:44 – Dermott’s impressive play.
23:33 – Zaitsev’s poor play.
27:27 – “The best forechecker in hockey”
36:41 – Shot Quality vs Shot Quantity.
46:25 – Matthews’ ability to generate “Royal Road” passes.
52:29 – What should the Leafs do with JVR?

As always you can find the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and (I think) Google Play.

I’ll also be putting out an article tomorrow pumping Morgan Rielly’s tires, so be sure to look out for that. Until then, cheers! 🍻

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  • Ty

    Wow, awesome podcast! I know Babs always says that three guys who “want the puck” or “carry the play” shouldn’t be on the same line. Why doesn’t he just try it and find out? At least he’ll have some information and stats to back it up and another “option” to go to or not go to when playoff time comes around. Even try at home ice first when you get the last change to test it out. Or does the balanced line configuration net a higher goal differential over time? Do players actually say or is it understood that they don’t want a third guy on the line that wants the puck? Your idea to put JVR or Marleau on the Matthews line to stack it seems like a great idea. JVR doesn’t carry the puck much he just goes to the front of the net and bangs away. Marleau is not much of a banger at the net but gets in good spots. Would Babs get defensive if someone asked him about it? Also, is it good to configure the lines where they have a plugger so that they can have a cost controlled line? Also does it help for goal differential if a guy like Hyman can play good defense. Really then you only need 6 play carriers or less for the top nine so don’t have to break the bank in a cap controlled system. So then it comes down to team management. No time is better than now to put JVR on the Matthews line if you’re not gonna sign him and worried about him exploding for goals. Have they even practised together as a line? Babs idea that you look a game stats is ok because it tells you the expectation for a whole game due to line matchups and game situation. If you just use per 60 min. you lose the context of how each line were played during a game so prorated 60 min. You want the per game data so you can add it up at the end of the day and see if you were going to come up ahead in terms of expected goals and see the contribution of each player to that. Per 60 min. doesn’t give you the actual contribution but a possible contribution assuming all else is equal. I suppose you could apply a correction for that if you could find where a line played in the exact same situation. What do you think?

  • Ty

    So if you did a thought experiment and stacked the top two lines:
    Then how would that look over a whole game? Bottom two lines don’t have a play driver/carrier except maybe Kapanen (who is a young rookie).

  • Ty

    I say if you’re not gonna resign JVR then stack the lines for a bit. Let him cash in so another team is broke and depleted. Or maybe they are seeing what he looks like in the playoffs. Remember Lou always says “we still don’t know” what we have. He was money in the playoffs before.

  • Ty

    Oh yeah I do remember that Babs has said that players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg didn’t like to have another guy who likes to carry the puck on the line because they want the puck. Part of the coaching/management part might be to find out who the guy is that carry the line’s play on his own (especially due to the salary cap). I’m sure Babs wouldn’t complain if he could have 12 Matthews LOL.