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Postgame: Mitchell Mf’in Marner

WOW! Mitch Marner!

Corsis (via corsica.hockey)

Dominance from start to finish.  Mitch Marner!

First period

Well, that didn’t take long. 1:55 into the first period, Mitch Marner hopped on a loose puck in the Senators’ zone and set the tone for the night. Firing in the game’s first goal, the Leafs took an early 1-0 lead over their cross-province rivals.

Not to be outdone, Auston Matthews decided to add a goal of his own off this pretty sweet shot.

But battling for supremacy in the locker room, or just having fun on the ice, Mitch Marner picked it up and put it down.

11:30 into the game, the Leafs would be up 3-nil.

Ottawa managed four whole shots on net in the period. Take that as you will.

Second period

Can we talk about Nazem Kadri? He registered five shots in the second period alone, four of which came on the same shift while firing from behind the goal line. Already picking up an assist in the first period on Marner’s second goal, he looked like a man on a mission to net a goal of his own.

If you’d believe it, Johnny Oduya scored his third goal of the season on Frederik Andersen. It’s been a trying season for the veteran Swedish defenceman, due in large part to the fact that he’s, you know, 36. Anyway, that made it 3-1.

And!!!!! Mitch Marner…. almost scored his third of the night! He threw the puck on net, and it went in, and nobody really knew what happened.

Marner would get an assist on the play, which was ruled to hit both Cody Ceci (lol) and James van Riemsdyk on the way to the net.

Third period:

Ottawa scored a goal. Will you remember it? Probably not. Let’s talk about Mitch Marner again.

With a chance to go towards the net for a hat trick in a 4-2 game, Mitch Marner… passes the puck off to Nazem Kadri.

Keeping track? That’s four points for Marner, two for Kadri, and a 5-2 lead for the Leafs.

Ryan Dzingel scored again. Ok?

Looking for a hat trick, Marner stayed on the ice for much of the game’s final five minutes, but alas, he’d have to settle

for two goals… and a beautiful assist on an empty net goal from Patrick Marleau.

Did we mention we like Mitch Marner?

Fun stat: Mitch Marner was on the ice for 35 shot attempts for the Leafs and just 5 against. Just absolutely ridiculous performance tonight.

Mitch Marner Mitch Marner.

See you Monday.

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  • lukewarmwater

    Marvellous Mitch Marner was well MARVELLOUS. The M.N.M. boys all flying and skating as almost as fast as Kapanen. Yep the leaf machine is now in high gear as obviously the veterans have really helped the kids as old man river scored a beauty of an empty net goal. Truly the best free agent signing in the off season by leaping Lou.
    It is obvious that Karlson isn’t the same player after that horrid injury he suffered last year. You can’t blame him to want to get out of Ottawa who has the current Harold Ballard as the team owner.
    Btw classless Hab fans booing P.K. Subban who donated $10 million to a local Montreal children’s hospital. Shame on Hab fans.

    • Niceguytrieshardlovesthegame

      Not to micro-manage but the boys are 8-2-0 in their last 10, better than Tampa and equal to Boston. The boys are plenty hot right now with this particular lineup and the only thing we can all sense is the revolving door of Polak/Carrick and the imminent roster juggling re. Sosh and Josh.
      The 16/43/12 line was out of this world last night and who didn’t love all the close ups of Karlsson’s scrabble face on the ice/bench. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get so worked up! Maybe if he defended with the same amount of energy that he tried to break ACC glass, there might’ve been a different outcome.
      Anyone else remember that when Ott was playing well last year and the beginning of this year, we were all lauding Boucher’s stifling system? Now it seems like there’s no system and they look terrible.
      Good job by the boys, wish we didn’t give up 3 but hey get ready for Tbay which I will be attending!!

      • lukewarmwater

        NiceGuy make sure you get your fellow leaf fans at the barn fired up for this game. The Raps have the best home record in the N.B.A. 24 and 4 as their crowd have become the 6th man and really help the Raps. Enjoy the game and solid comments by your. Cheers.

  • Capt.Jay

    Sounded like a great game. I was able to get it on tsn radio but haven’t been able to watch the last 8 games. Man I Love Joe Bowen. Why can’t he do the Leafs games so Hughson can stay in Vancouver?

    Very much liking the sound of the new look line ups. Kinda what many of us were screaming for. During our stretch of .500 hockey in Dec and Jan you just knew that if one of the 2nd of 3rd lines started scoring again we’d start winning some games. Good to see Kadri and Marner back together again. I remember they did well for the little they got to play together last year.

    • lukewarmwater

      Capt it seems to be ever since our all-star goalie, well he should be gave his teammates a little sermon on the mount, the club has played more of a 200 foot game. Oh sure there have been the predator type games but last night he faced 22 shots. Hope you can start seeing the games on the tube again soon.

    • Glen

      I didn’t see the game either. I am a stubborn old geezer and refuse to play ball with Bell or Rogers so I see the games on CBC with an antenna. Right now CBC is at the olympics so no HNIC. Missed their best game to watch in a while.

  • Bob Canuck

    I think we should slow our enthusiasm roll a little. It is nice to see the Leafs win 8 of 10 but their 5v5 play has not changed that much from what they have done for the season as a whole.

    I reviewed the Leafs 5v5 Expected Goals per 60 minutes for the season to date and the last 10 games. All data courtesy of Corsica.ca. For the record, the game with the Flyers immediately preceded the last 10 games; it was after the Philadelphia game that Frederik Andersen made his comments about his teammates. The xGA/60 data does not indicate that Andersen’s post-game comments have had an impact on the Leafs.

    At 5v5 for the season to date, the Leafs numbers and rankings are as follows:

    xGF/60 – 2.58 (2); xGA/60 – 2.47 (28); and xGF% – 51.09 (17)

    At 5v5 for the last 10 games, the Leafs numbers and rankings are as follows:

    xGF/60 – 2.55 (4); xGA/60 – 2.47 (25); and xGF% – 50.84 (16)

    I also looked at the rankings of the Leafs opposition during the most recent 10-game segment (based on current league point totals). I think we should consider the softness of the Leafs schedule. The Leafs were dominated by the Bruins (4) and Nashville (3); the Leafs also played Ottawa (29) twice and the Islanders (21), Rangers (22), and Chicago (23) once. In other words, they did poorly against two top-5 teams and fared well when playing mediocre teams.

    I like the lineup changes that Mike Babcock has made recently. However, a comparison of the last 10 games to the season as a whole, does not make me more optimistic about the Leafs record going forward; it does not make me less optimistic either.

    • leafdreamer

      I like the consistency – close games or losses to hot and highly placed teams and winning against bad teams. That’s probably the surest sign of a quality team. Also, grinding out wins and those extra points is a good sign. Our penalty kill appears to have improved – it’s almost like it’s helping us when we’re short-handed – we get an opportunity to re-set and get back to our structure.