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Leafs reveal jerseys for upcoming Stadium Series game

The Leafs, as you’ve probably heard by now, will be playing the Washington Capitals in an outdoor game this upcoming March 3. The game will be taking place at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis Maryland,

With that in mind, the Leafs decided to debut their navy-inspired threads at a particularly benign time of day: 10:00 am on a Saturday morning with little fanfare:

The jersey itself is a mix of, well, the Leafs’ current away uniform, the Leafs’ current home logo, and a couple of added stripes and sayings.

The most notable addition is the phrase, “Ready, Aye, Ready”.

An explainer, from the Leafs’ website:

True to its motto “Ready, Aye, Ready”, the sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy stand always ready to defend Canada and proudly safeguard its interests and values whether at home or abroad.

*debates making comment about keeping sports and politics separate, decides not to*

Meanwhile, the sleeve adorns the “Honour, Pride, Courage” label that’s on the inside of the neck of the team’s regular uniform.

The jersey lines up with a leak published earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, the Capitals will be wearing these threads that they released in Mid-January.

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  • Capt.Jay

    Didn’t mind the jersey so much as it resembled the away jersey of the centennial classic from last year, but not loving the white pants. Paying tribute to the Navy or not, the white pants need to go out to sea.