Postgame: Eric Lind-Loss

I have nothing to say here. This team isn’t worth the virtual ink.

Let’s just get this over with.


                                                                    Chart by Corsica.Hockey 


The possession game was actually pretty even up until the end.

That slight dip towards the game’s final moment was likely due to Roman Polak Yakety Sax-ing around his own end for two straight minutes. That’s fun, right?

Look, I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but how he continues to draw into this lineup on a nightly basis is completely beyond me.

Ugh, this team stinks.

First Period

What a boring period.

Ok, that’s not fair. I guess there was some entertainment to be had. I mean, Zach Hyman went full Dennis the Menace on Jakob Voracheck, which was hilarious.

Aside from that brief ray of sunshine, it was nothing other than the typical mind-numbing “playoff style” hockey that seemingly arouses Mike Babcock.

Isn’t it funny how Babs is getting the Leafs to play this “playoff style” hockey specifically so they’ll be able to win tight games when they matter, and yet ever since this whole experiment started all they’ve been doing is blowing said games?

This is fun. I’m having fun.

Second Period

Thanks to a wonderful blunder by the Ghost Bear, Connor Brown scored his second breakaway goal in as many nights. The Leafs are up 1-0! Hooray!

Hmmm. Brown sure does seem to score a ton of breakaway goals. I wonder why we haven’t ever seen him in the shootout?

Well, Babcock is clearly an all-powerful deity to whom we should blindly pledge our eternal souls, so there’s no real point in asking him. He might get mad at us!

Anyway, after a nifty set up by Noted Fourth Liner William Nylander™, the Leafs extended their lead to 2-0. And who, perchance, scored the goal?


Alas, as if Leafs fans hadn’t been through enough lately, Morgan Rielly proceeded to go down in a heap as the second period inched towards its end. Funnily enough, today actually marked the one year anniversary of Rielly’s ankle injury which sidelined him for over two weeks from last season.

Aren’t anniversaries great?

Spoiler alert: he ended up playing the third period, thus preventing a GTA spike in cardiac-related ailments.

And so, as is routine lately, the Leafs entered the third period clinging to the lead. There’s no way they’d screw it up this time, right?


Third Period

This frickin’ team, man.

And a few minutes later, while ON A POWER PLAY, they give up another one to Wayne Simmons. Just like that, it’s a tie game.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I never became a Leafs fan. I wonder how much healthier, both mentally and physically, I’d be. How much free time I’d have. Life would be nothing but carefree bliss, lacking all of this “heart-wrenching disappointment” nonsense.

A guy can dream.

So again, as is tradition, the opposing goaltender decided to transform into Georges Vezina himself immediately upon facing the Leafs,

Michael Neuvirth, a thoroughly sub-par goaltender for the entirety his career up until tonight, put on a clinic. In fact, I still don’t believe it was actually him at all.

Halfway through the game, I was half expecting for the camera to cut to the planet Ahch-To, showing Neuvirth to be levitating over a rock, force projecting himself across the galaxy Luke Skywalker-style.

There’s really no other way to explain a save like this.

And so, the Leafs, for the 6th time in their last 7 games, limped into overtime after blowing a third period lead.

Did I mention I’m having fun? This is fun.


Life is pain.

Despite finally using his brain and starting literally ANYONE other than Leo Komarov in overtime, the Leafs found a way to complete their choke job. They’ve practically made it into an art form by now.

Moral of the story: lower your expectations, kids.


This has begun to turn from relatively concerning into straight-up insanity.

No other team in the entire NHL chokes away games at this pace and with such consistency. Something within the fabric of this Leafs team is broken. And it needs to get fixed, fast.

Actually, you know what? No. It doesn’t need to get fixed.

It better get fixed. 

MLSE isn’t paying Mike Babcock the GDP of a small nation to fart out lineups like tonights. The Leafs have been held to under 3 regulation goals in every game since New Year’s, and Babs continues to shackle Josh Leivo to the press box, and Kasperi Kapanen to the AHL.

Enough is enough.

If tonight’s embarrassment doesn’t spark some serious change, we have some problems ahead of us, folks. I shouldn’t have to say this, but letting Roman Polak do stuff like this all game while neglecting to utilize the bountiful talent at your immediate disposal should be a criminal offence.

Mike, do something. For the love of God.


This explains everything.

Aren’t numbers fun?!

Some hard-hitting analysis from Sean here.

I mean…he’s not wrong.

Next up is the Ottawa Senators on Hockey Night in Canada, which will almost certainly end in disappointment.

At least Travis Dermott will have a great view of his team blowing yet another third period lead from the press box, right? There’s always a silver lining.





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  • FlareKnight

    There are some days you have to wonder. What would life be like? Sounds pretty darn pleasant. Oh well, with this team until I expire so let’s hope better days are ahead.

    Glad I found a good movie to watch after this game. I needed to reset and be reminded that there is good and enjoyable things in this world. The Leafs aren’t one of them.

  • lukewarmwater

    Mike try being a leaf fan for 60 long, long, long years. Well the first ten were great but after that NOT SO GREAT. Great to learn the actor Bill Murray is a huge leaf fan, how else to explain Ground Hog Day Gardiner doing the exact thing he did last night on a two on one in o.t. He did bleep all because HE CAN’T PLAY FREAKING DEFENCE.
    Now the $50 million dollar man is proving he can’t walk on water as he actually is sinking.
    Time to be honest leaf fans, I can go to any other city and read the local journalists, blog sites, broadcasters and I’ll get the same over hyped hyperbole as I get in Toronto. Yesiree the leafs have all these wonderful prospects on the farm. Why two of our recent draft picks are going to be making 7 or 8 million very soon. Okay maybe a little less as they have , what 12 goals between the two of them. But, but they can skate like the wind, oh really. Last night Mitch Marner who just got muscled off the puck tonight gave up and refused to skate hard as poor helpless Jake Gardiner faced a two on one. Pow the biscuit is in the net. Tonight that speedster Nylander18 seconds in o.t. can’t get back to help poor hopeless Jake on you guessed it a 2 on 1. Btw now on the short handed goal at least Rielly tried to block the pass with his body. He made a freaking attempt. All Jake does is skate backwards into his goalie.
    Time to smell the coffee leaf fans, this is the second year of the rebuild and there is obviously talent on this team. But some of these hot shots have been over rated. We have one defenceman that we can count on. Kadri is having a year like he did the year before last year. Uncle Leo can’t score. Marner, hasn’t shown a capability or desire to play a 200 foot game, J.V.R. and Bozak are well J.V.R. and Bozak as they never will play a 200 foot game.
    Babcock is running his talented goalie into the ice as he has no confidence in his back up.
    Oh sure this leaf team will make the playoffs but when they play a more physical, bigger tough checking team, this cast of Lady Byng candidates is in serious trouble.
    Babcock , leaping Lou you got a few months to get this mess straightened out. Now quite frankly I’m sure there are a lot of Toronto fans living in the big smoke, liking the fact that should they go to a Raptors game, they will see a team that has lost at home only 3 times and already has 30 victories just over the half way mark.
    So Mike that is my antidote for the leafs playing this boring, dreadful, insomnia curing style of hockey.
    I dread the thought of Rogers and the mess they have left the Jays in as spring training is around the corner.

    • lukewarmwater

      You think leaf fans are pissed off with the number 4 pick, trust me his agent is the one real pissed off as the kid is blowing a big contract with his casual play. Two games in a row in which he has caused a costly goal. Heh we saw all the talent in the world at the junior level. Last year he had a very good rookie season. This year he has played about 4 weeks of good hockey. He is young but so far the comparisons to Patrick Kane are not living up to expectations. If he wants to stick handle all around the zone and then get pushed off the puck and refuses to back check and hustle at times, well expect a much smaller contract than anticipated. To be honest I was just as disappointed with Nylander who is one of the better skaters in the league , casually coming back as Gardiner as usual didn’t have a clue to handle the 2 on 1 just like the previous game.
      The $50 milliion dollar man better light a fire under these kids.
      What a contrast with the Raptor young kids who are hungry as most were late first round picks, second round picks and in the case of F.V.V. not even drafted. As I stated must be a great feeling going into the arena knowing the team you are about to watch plays an entertaining style and has only lost 3 home games all year.

    • Glen

      As a fellow member of the 60 year club I feel your pain. The first ten were great but at least we saw this team win as opposed to the younger crowd. or maybe that makes this all the more painful. There is time left this season to turn this around so lets try to avoid full blown panic just yet. I don’t get this buttoned down style the Leafs are trying to play. It is not working simply over coached. Marner and Nylander got so many things going through their head they don’t know if they are coming or going. For one game tell the guys to have fun and go play the game. And for gods sake don;t start trading the kids that is what the Leafs did for years and look what that got them. What they are lacking is veteran leadership and they won’t get it from anyone there. By the way I have instructed my wife to sue MLSE if she finds me dead in front of the TV. Don’t laugh at my age and this play it is entirely possible.

      • Capt.Jay

        You guys think being a leafs fan for the past 60 years has been hard? Try being one for the last 45. At least you saw a cup!!!! Lol.

        Brighter days ahead right? Man I hope so.

        Cheers Nation

        • Glen

          We seen three cups but we hope to see a few more. Question is how long do we have to live? Still hopeful, GLG. Truth is they have some young talent hopefully they don’t panic and trade those guys away like they have in the past. Nate Mackinnon is an example of a player that had a good rookie season, took a few steps back, but look at him now.

  • lukewarmwater

    Sorry Mike I too have nothing to say as it appears a person can come in here and make distainful, disgusting comments about one of the great Toronto athletes with impunity. I’M OUT OF HERE MIKE IF THERE IS NO MODERATION.