Leafs Geeks Podcast – X’s and O’s with Gus Katsaros

Gus Katsaros from (Scout for McKeens & writer for Maple Leafs Hotstove) joins us this week to break down the Leafs’ play in each zone to help explain why they’ve been struggling lately. Here’s a list of the topics we discuss:

1:08 – The Eye Test vs Analytics “debate”.
7:38 – Why have the Leafs been struggling?
13:57 – Toronto’s DZ play.
19:16 – The pros/cons of the “flip pass”.
27:19 – Breaking down Gardiner & Zaitsev.
45:03 – Borgman’s potential.

As always, you can find the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, and most other podcast apps.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode, cheers! 🍻

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