WWDYW: How would you set up the team’s defensive pairings?

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If you’ve been keeping tabs the last month or so, it’s clear the Leafs are performing below their potential. While the team’s offence hasn’t been great, they’ve also suffered from a rather… uninspiring defensive effort.

So if you wanted to shake things up a little bit, what would you do in terms of setting up the Leafs defensive pairings?
Last night, the lineup consisted of


with Andreas Borgman sitting out.
Would you stick with the status quo and hope things get better?
Fire Roman Polak into the sun? Play Connor Carrick on the top line? Put four forwards out and leave Morgan Rielly by himself? Call up Calle Rosen? Force Mike Babcock to play himself? Play Jake Gardiner only in penalty kill situations and on the power play? Give Travis Dermott the captaincy and hope he can run with it?
Leave your comments in the, well, comments below.

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  • Leaferforlife


    Buy out Polock and TRADE JAKE-give it away Gardiner straight up for Johnson (CBJ) and entice Columbus to go for it by throwing in an offensive winger from the Marlies for a pick of theirs. OR …Whatever they decide to do with Gardiner is fine with me so long as he doesnt step on the ice in a Leaf jersey ever again… cant stand the fact he refuses to be physical in the slightest !!!!

  • Espo

    I’d love to see Carrick on the 3rd pair with Borgman. Borgman has been great this year, and Carrick should just need some time to get his game back from last year.

    Pop Dermott into the second pair with Ron Hainsey. Let Hainsey actually be the stable pony he’s supposed to be, Rielly doesn’t need him. He’s been spectacular.

    that leaves first pairing, Rielly and Gardiner. yep… all excitement all the time, but speed to burn between the two of them. Let Rielly drag Gardiner back up out of the ashes of the season he’s been having.

    Unorthodox pairings, but I think they’d work…. plus top pair could actually eat some minutes, and save Hainsey a few more minutes for the PK.

    I mean ideally, I’d like to see Zaitsev back…. and I’d like to see the version we were promised, not the blackhole he’s been on everything but the PK for the Leafs since he’s been here.

  • Skill2Envy


    Polak to the AHL. If they aren’t going to waive Polak, send Dermott back down to get his minutes. Pairings stay the same with Polak-PressBox