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Morning-after recap: Bring Back the Fun Leafs

That game was, to put it kindly, A SNOOZER. The Leafs were outshot, out-attempted, and somehow still managed to go into the final minute of the game with the lead. Unfortunately, that didn’t last.

But hang on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s begin with the first (and only Leafs) goal of the game.

1-0 Leafs (Downtown Connor Brown with the shorty!)

This is all heart and hustle from the best Connor to ever come out of the Erie Otters organization. He intercepts a pass and is off like a shot. He splits the Blues defenders and finishes neatly, beating Carter Hutton and giving the Leafs what COULD have been the game-winning goal.

1-1 (Alex Steen, because of course.)

This is just like, regrettable. One would HOPE that SOMEBODY would tie up Steen there, but whatever. Life happens. Sure, does it hurt even more that it’s Steen? Yeah, sure does. And does it sting that the Leafs give up the equalizer in the final minute of the game and squander another point that could have been theirs? Yes. Actually, there’s nothing I’m happy about here. Everything is sad and I miss bye week.

Wait, no, at least 3-on-3 overtime is a delight to watch!




After a terrific scoring chance from Nylander and Matthews (obviously), the Blues come streaking down the ice in a 2-on-1.

Mitch Marner perhaps didn’t make the best decision in the world here — he admitted he misread the play after the game, and it turned out this time that it cost the Leafs.

And then uh, Vince Dunn ends it! The Leafs drop a winnable game late to a Western Conference team!

This team is ruining all of our lives, and we’re worse for it. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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  • FlareKnight

    Yeah, I loved the bye week.

    It’s actually amazing. This team hasn’t been more tempting to straight up ignore and not watch in a while. The Matthews tank year was up there since all you really cared about was seeing if they lost in regulation or not. But even that team was technically more fun to watch.

    Oh well such is life. Frustrations can be found anywhere.