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Leafs Postgame: Over and Dunn With

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! And they’re back to driving us up the wall, which is how you know we’re really back.


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The Blues are like, a good hockey team this year. They were good tonight. The Leafs were out-Corsi’d for much of this game, including the back half of the third (thanks, score effects) but Freddie was outstanding. 

If the Leafs had managed to hang on to this one, it would’ve felt like a steal. Alas, they did not.

1st Period

The most exciting thing about this period was that I missed the Leafs during their bye week and now they’re back. Like, it’s good to see the Buds play hockey. It was less exciting to see them look as sloppy as they did.

Also, Matt Martin obliterated Kyle Brodziak and then fought Chris Thorburn.

The hit by Martin was big and I get that emotions run high on the ice, so I’m not exactly blaming the Blues for reacting in the way they did. Like, I get that it’s hard to discern in real time, at ice level, whether it’s clean or not. But like, man. That hit was clean. Martin’s just large. 

Anyway, there really isn’t much to say about this period. The Leafs did get pretty thoroughly out-Corsi’d by the Blues in this frame despite keeping the Blues off the board. Shoutout to Freddie, who’s certainly looking sharp.

2nd Period


A few chances for both sides, but ultimately nothing.

I’m so bored. 

Did you guys know that the NHL is having Kid Rock perform at the All-Star Game? Do they really hate us that much? Like, we’re not going to the Olympics and you book Kid Rock for the All-Star Game.

Why do we watch this league. Let’s all watch Rasmus Dahlin and HC Frolunda in the SHL, it’s gotta be better than this.

3rd Period

The most exciting thing that has happened this game is Mo Rielly closing the gap and preventing a breakaway.

Wow. Love that. Don’t so much love that’s my highlight of the game but —


After a (pretty soft) tripping call on Connor Carrick, the Leafs went on the kill. Connor Brown is good at hockey and intercepts a pass, out-hustles the Blues, splits the defenders, and finishes nicely, as one does.

We’re actually looking pretty good, and Freddie more or less has this in the bag — oh, heck.

Because this is just the way life is, it’s former Leaf Alex Steen with the late equalizer for the Blues, sending us into overtime.

This is because I complained about the game being boring, isn’t it. I’m sorry. I am. I have regrets.


Starting three: Mo, Naz, Zach Hyman…? Okay. Whatever. Could be worse. In any case, Auston and Willy are out in short order, and have a gorgeous chance.

What’s better than William Nylander in 3-on-3 overtime? Not much, frankly.

But life is terrible and then like two shifts later the Blues go on a two-on-one rush and score. 🙁 Specifically, Vince Dunn scores. I’m told he’s from Mississauga and that this is a heartwarming end to the game for a hometown kid but also, fellow MLN writer Hayley and I spent time googling to see if he was a country singer, so.

Bits and Pieces

  • Frederik Gauthier ALMOST had the first goal of the game. He scored like, as Matt Martin was answering to his (clean) hit on Kyle Brodziak.
  • Nikita Soshnikov skated today. Once he’s ready to return, the Leafs will need to make a corresponding roster move, as they’re at full capacity with 23 players right now.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could like, have Dermott play not with Roman Polak. :/

From the Tweeple

Ah, it all makes sense now.

We all know who we’re all choosing.


Last but not least… Go back to “Play fast, play right” please.


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  • lukewarmwater

    Like what’s not to like as the leafs likely had a 1 to 0 shut out. But like Megan says to Luke, like the game ain’t over till like 60 minutes.
    Lukewarmwater from Likely B.C. Canada, where actually like the water it ain’t lukewarm but like as cold as like the leafs. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT.

  • jimithy

    Tonight everybody’s favorite lazy pampered hockey team took to the ice again and played like they were ready for another game-time nap.
    The playoffs are still a pipe dream away even after all the Shananigans. Imagine that.

  • Glen

    For the moment the shut down guys aren’t shutting down and the scorers aren’t scoring. Babcock’s sweetheart Komo made a bad play on the tying goal. It is absurd to be critical of a player for going on the offence in overtime but that is what Babcock done on Marner. But hey Babcock should be happy, a low scoring game is what he loves. Steen a fine example of a bad Leaf trade.