Leafs Geeks Podcast – Midseason Report Cards

Since I haven’t put out a podcast in over a week, here’s a fun treat: two new episodes! Theo and I thought it would be fun to grade each Maple Leaf’s performance throughout the first half of the season. We wanted to dive deep with our analysis, so we decided to split the podcast into two parts.

Here’s a timestamped list of the players we graded in the first half:

4:14 – Matthews
8:32 – Nylander
15:24 – Hyman
18:44 – Marleau
25:10 – Kadri
28:51 – Komarov
34:07 – JVR
40:44 – Marner
46:31 – Bozak
52:56 – Brown
1:01:42 – Martin & Moore

As always you can find the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, (and other podcast apps I don’t know how to link)


…and here are the players we graded in the second half:

1:30 – Rielly
8:12 – Hainsey
13:15 – Gardiner/Zaitsev
23:11 – Borgman
30:49 – Polak
35:55 – Carrick
42:44 – Andersen
43:53 – Babcock
1:03:24 – Closing Thoughts

More good news: I just recorded an episode with The Athletic’s Justin Bourne this afternoon, so I’ll be sure to have that out in the near future. I hope you enjoy the #content binge, and best of luck finding solace in these next few days without the Leafs. Cheers! 🍻

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