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WWYDW: What would you do with Travis Dermott?

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Out of the lineup tonight, Leafs rookie defenceman Travis Dermott has been a welcome addition to the Leafs roster. Playing in each of the Leafs last two games, Dermott began his first game with just 12:03 of ice time before being bumped up to 16:21 the next night.

Dermott’s been replaced by Connor Carrick, and with Nikita Zaitsev still out from injury, Dermott, Carrick, and Andreas Borgman seem to be stuck in the rotational fold… for now.
The real question is, what do you do with Travis moving forward? Keep him up with the big squad? Say “hey, this was nice, but really we’d like you in the AHL? Use him exclusively on the right side of the ice to try to develop that side of his game? Argue relentlessly about him online?
Leave your answer in the comments below.

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  • Leaferforlife

    I would give him the chance to prove himself further AND at the same time send a message to Jake-give it away- Gardiner by letting the latter sit in the press box eating popcorn until he learns that to be a regular top 4 D-man in ANY league ,you HAVE to be physical ! Enough of this not taking the body, shying away from anyone on the other team that has the puck etc… if i were any coach in the league i would make zone entries on Gardiners side each and every time as he is clearly incapable ,and worse yet , unwilling to take the body or finish a check no matter what and i would exploit that to the fullest . Keep Travis in and let our liability learn that his “pansy style” of defending is unacceptable and will not be tolerated any longer ! Or better yet package Jakie and simply get rid of him!!!

  • Capt.Jay

    He deserves another shot for sure as he did nothing to be taken out. This may be a way to continue developing him as some times it’s good to give a rookie a chance to look at the game from the press box to analyze. If you put him in the box after a bad game it sends the wrong message no matter what you say to the player. He’ll assume it was because of his mistakes and see it as a form of punishment which can harm whatever confidence he may have at the time. It can also hold the player back from playing the way he did for fear of making mistakes again.

    If the plan all along was to take him out at some point to analyze the game then today’s match up would be it as he’s on a high and the Sens probably allow the Leafs the best chance to play the weeker Carrick or Polak.