Auston Matthews only Leaf named to all-star game

For the second time in as many seasons, Auston Matthews was named to the NHL’s all-star game, representing the Atlantic Division.

And that was it, from the Toronto contingent. No other Leaf was named, which is a clear-anti Toronto bias, or something.

In 34 games, Auston Matthews has put up 19 goals and 14 assists this year, his second in the NHL.

The biggest surprise for Leafs fans may be with the exclusion of Morgan Rielly, who’s performed admirably on the Leafs top pair, picking up 30 points in his 44 games while averaging 21:58 of ice time per night. Or, you could point to the exclusion of Frederik Andersen, who’s dropping a .922 save percentage in comparison to Carey Price’s… .911. Price seems to have made the game in the same way Jack Eichel did – the “well, we have to pick SOMEONE from your team” avenue. It’s hard to be too bummed out one way or the other over all-star games in 2018, but if you were hoping to see more Blue and White, well, you’ll just have to settle with the four Tampa Bay players on the team! HA!

The Full Atlantic Division roster is below:

The All-Star game will be held a little over two weeks from now, on Sunday, January 28.

See you there, maybe!

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  • FlareKnight

    No real shock. The All Star game is about marketing more than anything else. Get someone from every team and hype up home city. At least this time the home city has a legitimately good team.

    At least the majority of the team can take a break during a pointless event.