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The Leafs not playing on Saturday night is a travesty

Every so often, the unthinkable happens. The kind of event that makes you turn on the TV in disbelief, only to sigh and shake your head. The way things are right now, you can’t help but think of the direction of where things are going and wonder how it got this way.

The Toronto Maple Leafs do not play on Saturday night.

I mean, this feels borderline illegal. Not only are Leafs fans not treated with a game tonight because they played back-to-back games in Minnesota and Detroit, they also have THREE more Saturday nights off this year.

I mean, what do we do tonight? Spend time with our families? Come on. Watch the Oilers play the Wild? No. Jets at Blues? No. How about the NHL’s 100 Classic in the nation’s capital between the Habs and Sens? Watch both of those teams? Willingly? Get real.

The Leafs and Saturday nights go together. Don’t believe me? The Leafs made the Canucks play at 4PM their time to accommodate a Toronto crowd. What other tradition do you know of that consists of alcohol and getting angry because Jim Hughson doesn’t act like he’s in love with every move Auston Matthews makes?

Without a Leafs game, I won’t have the urge to physically fight a stranger because of internet debates over how the coach utilizes somebody that very closely resembles a caveman on the ice. I won’t be seeing doomsday scenarios that have to do with the end of life as we know it because the Leafs collapsed again. For one Saturday night, the timeline will be calm. I’m not used to this type of serenity.

Please NHL, don’t let this happen again next year. We need the Leafs on a Saturday night. Like anything else hockey related, those of us in the Greater Toronto Area don’t know how to act on Saturday nights.

But maybe this comes at a good time! The Leafs have lost three straight without their star, can’t score at even strength, getting what seems like unsustainable goaltending, and are seeing guys like Leo Komarov log almost 20 minutes a game for some reason.

If anybody needs a break from the constant over-analyzing and bickering about their own team (and probably each other), it’s Leafs fans. While things may seem bleak right now, the teams chasing Toronto are the Bruins, Canadiens, and Red Wings. LOL. They’ll be just fine.

Go Leafs go

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  • lukewarmwater

    Richard the real travesty is 99% of the Toronto bloggers and media not pointing out the fact that the leafs play only 3 home games over a very long stretch of a crucial part of the season. But heh Scrooge is alive in well with the 3 amigos , namely Bell, Rogers adn Uncle Larry as they rake in the dough by putting on conventions like the yellow belly sap sucker bird convention or the metamucil annual conventiion, any body welcome to pay the high rental fees of the M.L.S.E. barn. The leafs, the Raptors, the hell with them let them play on the road. After all we have our share holders and in case any naive leaf fan doesn’t get it, our one goal of winning is to WIN AT THE BANK. Now at that art of finance, M.L.S.E. is the Stanley Cup champions. Don’t believe me, just ask Scotia bank who is paying out $800 million for naming rights, which incidentally set a Guinness world record for revenue for an arena or stadium.

      • lukewarmwater

        I think sadly you missed the premise of my statement. Simply that no ownership that really cares about their players and fans forces the team to be on the road for 17 out of 22 games. Btw you are probably too young to remember but another year going back to when the liberals had a leadership convention to replace Chretien, the owners at the time the Teachers Pension Fund had the leafs play one freaking home game for the entire month of November.
        What you are not comprehending is that teams are in general very fragile. My goodness the L.A. Dodgers went on a tear winning and winning but then mysteriously they proceeded to go on about a 16 to 17 game losing streak. The leaf team is very young, even the veterans don’t have a lot of experience winning. So you put a schedule like that on a team and throw in a 5 out of 7 day, that starts a 3 game losing streak and you are asking for a forest fire, which the full glass of LukeWarmWater in February and March won’t be able to put out.
        But heh trust me 99% of bloggers and Toronto media lives in fear of leaf management and won’t point out how outrageous this schedule truly is. But heh you wrote an entertaining column with plenty of humour but unfortunately I think most leaf fans are not in a humourous moment these days. I wish you well in your career.