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Leafs postgame: Please start scoring again lol

Where art thou, Auston? Thursday night hockey against the Minnesota Wild! Nothing quite like it!

The Leafs played a hockey game where they could’ve scored some goals and then didn’t. Dump. Chase. Dump. Chase. Lose. Let’s get right into what could probably be classified as the most boring game of the season so far, a 2-0 loss against the Winnesota Mild.


Moral victories!

Dump. Chase. Dump. Chase.

1st Period

To sum it up bluntly, the Leafs had a pair of power plays in the first period and didn’t score on either of them.

Oh, and Tyler Ennis scored a goal for the Wild, leading to at least 743 people watching the game either be confused that he’s not playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, and/or confused that Tyler Ennis is still in the NHL.

2nd Period

Did you want to see some goals? Well, you picked the wrong period to watch! No one scored!

And guess what? The Leafs still didn’t look great! The Leafs kind of rinky-dinked around the neutral zone for a bit, creating few offensive chances while not really providing a whole lot of excitement, either.

3rd period

Hey, another goal against!

Well, they tried! Oh, they tried. They skated! At one point, Connor Brown came in on a two-on-one… and missed the net.

It would be great if there were some Leafs goals to tell you about here, but, uh, as they’ve been doing lately, they didn’t score a single one.

It isn’t a pretty game when you get shutout, and really, there wasn’t a whole lot to get excited for. Not a whole lot of rushes either way, not a whole lot of dynamic hockey, and the Leafs missed the net more times than you can shake a stick at.

Tonight’s word of the game:


Tonight’s MVP:

On the Leafs? No one. On the Wild? Why not Alex Stalock, who pitched a shutout despite Paul Romanuk nearly jinxing it while also completely bungling the final few words of his broadcast.


Our friend Melissa sums up what we’re all thinking…

A kind of game you’ll probably forget about by tomorrow, and with good reason: the Leafs are back in action tomorrow night against the Red Wings.

See ya later.

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  • Kanuunankuula

    Komarov leads team in icetime, has 0 SOG. Where’s this accountability for vets we’re preached all the time? Why is Carrick sitting? Why is this team full of offence coached into a mediocre low event team? This team is becoming a parody of Bab’s Detroit teams.

      • lukewarmwater

        Yeah Polak who is strictly a journeyman these days in the third pairing isn’t coughing up the puck like Gardiner is. Sad that so many fans can’t see who the real slackers have been this season. Gardiner, Marner, Nylander, Bozak.
        Even Martin tonight had a Lady Byng performance.

      • Kanuunankuula

        I love Leo but the defensive side has been dropping, and even ignoring that, drop him to the 4th line. He has played center for Finland at some point.

        As for Polak, small sample size much? We know what he is. Is he playing for this team in 3 years? Why not see what you have in Carrick, and at least give him some trade value if you plan on moving him?

  • lukewarmwater

    Wonderful medical break through as scientists find a cure for insomnia for people who had the misfortune of being bored to sleep by the Wild who played a road game at home and the leafs who simply didn’t play.
    Let’s see now 1 goal versus Vancouver, 1 goal versus Calgary, 1 goal versus “Edmonton, 2 goals versus Philly, 4 against the Penguins , zero, zilch, nada, tonight versus the comatose Wild, which means leaf fans 8 goals in regulation time in 6 games.
    Congratulations to Jake the Snake for setting an N.H.L. record in icing the puck, any thing to get rid of that grenade in his own zone. Actually I’ll take that back he was trying hail mary after hail mary passes up ice to marvelous Mitch and his two goals this season. Obviously that wasn’t a good plan.
    Nylander got brave in the third period and got away from his peripheral game and actually drove to the net a couple of times. You knew this game was over after the first two inept power plays. At one point Jake was magnificently ragging the puck, but Jake it WAS OUR POWER PLAY. Not a member of Mensa for sure.
    Now I was at a leaf watering hole out here in God’s country and the general feeling of the clan gathered at the table , yeah we are all oldies but goldies was that in the good old days when the leafs were actually winning cups , Marvelous mitch would have had his ass pined to the bench after he proceeded to get the best view in the arena as he stood 15 feet away from the closest Wild player as they scored their second goal. Bad enough that Mitch can’t score but if he doesn’t want to even attempt to play a little bit of defence, BENCH HIM. It is one of the satisfactions of watching the Raptors play exemplary basketball as anyone starts to dog it, his sorry rear end is on the bench for the rest of the night.
    I do feel sorry for our two time Olympic Gold coach and one time Stanley cup coach for obviously having the league banning him from using his time outs. This is a total travesty on the part of the league. Babs it just ain’t fair buddy.
    On to the door mat Wings, but as the old saying goes, every dog has its day in the sun. The leafs better hope that in Mo Town it ain’t a sunny day tomorrow. At least M.L.S.E. saved a bundle on not having to have the players uniforms dry cleaned.

  • FlareKnight

    That was horrible….

    Utterly boring, didn’t score a single goal, and frankly didn’t really make the other goalie work for the win or the shutout. That chart just looks like nonsense. Outside of the third period the Leafs didn’t remotely look in control of that game or the better team.

    Hopefully they score a goal against Detroit or something…

    • lukewarmwater

      So true Knight, fortunately I was at leaf watering hole and they had their customer Christmas appreciation night. So lots of fine free food to off set the tortuous so called N.H.L. game tonight. Definitely equivalent of getting a root canal done with no freezing. I couldn’t help notice a lot of the patrons were definitely drinking more as they tried to drown their sorrows of watching M.L.S.E. screw the leafs with a 5 games in 7 day scenario so they can get WHAT EVER STINKING event they can jam in their barn, with the Raptors of course being an exception.
      Definite antidote tomorrow if the leafs stink again as the Raptors are 9 and 1 at home and likely will be 10 and 1 as they kick the Knicks butts good.

  • Capt.Jay

    I’ve said it numerous times. Babcock is coaching this team the only way he knows how and that’s defensively. Would you rather win 6-4 or lose 0-2? Cause the road we’re heading down.