Day-after recap: Unluckee

After losing a very winnable game in regulation on Monday against a bad team, the Leafs decided to lose a very winnable game in the shootout against a bad team.

Let’s walk you through the goals of this one. There weren’t a lot, so we’ll keep this short.

1-1 Nick Bjugstad goal

I mean, what is there to discuss here? The hockey gods are cursing Connor Carrick, of course.

(1-1) Nazem Kadri goal

“A perfect shot by Nazem Kadri” is becoming a near nightly-occurrence. Though it was a mostly open net… Nazem still had to you know, do the thing. A great 2-on-1 rush, and it was now a 1-1 hockey game.

Auston Matthews non-call

This overtime got a little weird, with Nazem Kadri starting it off in the box… but the overtime still being 3-on-3 due to a previous Panthers infraction as well.

Then this happened!

No comment, but alas, no OT winner for Auston.

Patrick Marleau shootout goal

After Alex Barkov scored in the second round of the shootout, the Leafs needed a hero. Daddy Marleau came through to keep the shootout going:

Unfortunately, Nick Bjugstad scored again to end it in the fourth round.

If you’d like to relive the horror of the shootout in all its glory, well, here it is.

See you tomorrow.

  • lukewarmwater

    Maybe one of the reasons this site gets few responses is that one occasionally has to spend 5 freaking minutes signing in. Hell, Alexander Bell’s system was faster. But the author is right, unlucky, should have, could have, would have. Solid comment about what is a penalty shot. I had to stomach old Joe and his partner Rolf, woof wowf, woof not having a clue on that play as clearly Matthews was interfered with. Obviously old Joe and Rolf might consider visiting the optometrist. They are so far behind the play with guffawing over there own lame jokes. They remind of a 1950’s comedy team. I should know as I grew up in the 50s heh Joe and Wowf it is going on 2018.
    But it was good old Rolf commenting how Kadri after taking two cheap shots in a row finally retaliated. Easy for this arm chair nobody to say that Kadri has to contain himself. How would he know, simply because he was a career minor league goalie. Btw considering that Kadri had scored and has been red hot, I’m a little surprised that a guy who is fired up doesn’t get an attempt on the shoot out. Neither Matthews or Marner have been stellar in their short careers, although Mitchy actually did score on one of his attempts this year.
    I guess the question is can’t the fourth largest market in N.A. not get professionals to broadcast instead of anti leafers like Jimbo and Craig and gosh, golly gee whiz, did you catch Abbott and Costello last night Rolf? Are there no future Danny Gullivan’s Jim Robson’s, Bob Cole in his prime out there??? Just asking.

    • Stan Smith

      Try, a lot of times unsuccessfully, not to complain about refereeing, but I was trying to figure out if the Matthews takedown in OT was a penalty shot, or just a 2 minute penalty, when I realized there was to be no call at all.

      • lukewarmwater

        Exactly Stan, it is getting to the point you don’t celebrate the goal until you see what the opposing coach is going to do. You realise a guy gets mugged out there on the ice and that means any team, and you wait and wait for a call and then two guys accidentally collide with one guy falling down and TWEEEEEETTTTT. On another posting I mentioned how officals are behaving like the kid with the new toy that he opened up under the Christmas tree. He can’t stop playing with it. In the case of the zebras, umpires and other officials it is the replay where they can literally take up to 5 minutes to make a freaking call. I think it is really annoying fans and again taking the flow out of a game. Leagues have to do something about it as advertisers are surprisingly finding that ratings are starting to really drop and will likely start to cut back on their advertising.
        I’ve always said a lot of professional sports have to be great to survive the idiots running them.