Post Game: Dog Days

The Leafs lost a heartbreaker that they probably deserved to win tonight, falling to the Arizona Coyotes. Their winning streak comes to an end after six games.

1st Period

The Leafs did not get off to the best start. The first period started off with the Leafs hemmed in their own zone for extended stretches. Eventually, Connor Carrick would go to the box.

Brandon Perlini would score on the ensuing Power Play, putting Arizona up 1-0 after outshooting the Leafs 10-1 early on. Not a good look.

Afterwards, the Leafs seemed to bounce back, with Nazem Kadri drawing a timely penalty late in the first that would prove important to the Leafs gaining some ground.

2nd Period

As mentioned, Nazem Kadri’s drawn penalty got the Leafs back into the game. Early in the second period, Kadri would tip a shot from the point to James van Riemsdyk in front of the net. JVR would continue his dominant stretch on the Power Play, notching a goal to knot things up at 1-1.

Later in the period, Nik Hjalmersson would go awkwardly into the boards in just his first game back from an upper-body injury and would leave the game. A tough break for Arizona.

Eventually, Arizona would answer back as well. With Mitch Marner in the box, future Leaf Oliver Ekman-Larsson would notch his first in 8 games to put the bad guys back on top 2-1. That’s how the second period would end.

3rd Period

Things would get a little more frustrating down the stretch. One goal down, the Leafs seemed unable to break out and generate much offense, resulting in Mike Babcock reverting to his pairing of Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews, dropping Nylander from the top line. At first, the experiment seemed to pay off once again, as Auston Matthews, with a beautiful solo effort in his 100th NHL game, puts the puck past Antti Raanta to seemingly tie things at 2.

However, an ensuing challenge by the Coyotes would result in the goal being overturned, with Zach Hyman’s stick pushing Antti Raanta into the net prior to the goal. The Leafs’ comeback effort was all for naught, and Arizona would add two empty-net goals to cruise to their 3rd straight win, 4-1 being the final score.


  • The Coyotes capitalized on their Power Play chances, and the Leafs ultimately did fall victim to what most were calling a “trap game” tonight, losing for the first time in over 2 weeks at the hands of the 31st place team.
  • For better or worse, the Leafs’ next game is against another bottom-feeding opponent in the 29th place Florida Panthers. Hopefully that makes for an easy bounce-back game.

Good tweets

Of course, had to bring back this gem from Evan Presement from the offseason.

Facts from Dimitri..

Sorry, Steven.

And of course, some inspiration from our favourite facepainting friend Jason.

That’s all for tonight, folks. Excuse me while I scream internally.


  • lukewarmwater

    As I said at my favourite leaf watering hole before the game every dog has a day in the sun, even a coyote. The leafs got some breaks in the 6 game winning streak. My goodness in the Montreal game I said to an old leaf fan old as me as we have followed the team for over 6 decades, yep we recall 4 Stanley cups that in that game it had to be a first where the leafs only had one penalty against them in a Montreal barn , the old forum and now the Bell center. 4 to 1 in penalties in your own barn, that happens, a goalie plays dead on a stick driving into the net and recovers to square up on Matthews shot, but the refs believe the Coyotes claim of interference, good call by Ricky T. Not by the refs. So on to Florida another loser team. But you know what really pissed me off. I’ll tell you bad enough Saturday night with the big M fiasco as he wears a Red Wing jersey who he played a short time with and then whips off that jersey to show a Hab jersey, meanwhile the guy played 12 wonderful seasons for the leafs, was a constant all-star, calder cup winner, 4 Stanley Cups and the leafs have to watch that Vince McMahon fiasco W.W.E. stunt. Seriously. You wonder why the Habs are garbage on the ice, just look at their freaking management.
    But let me ask the bringers of clay tablets, in other words the poets of wisdom who present the articles in leaf nation. Imagine it is a home Celtics, Broadcast, a Patriot broadcast, a Dodger broadcast, a Yankee broadcast etc. etc. Do you think in between periods they would have Wayner and showing the 1993 playoff against the Kings and the infamous no call when number 99 drew blood on Gilmore. I mean I get it some punk 45 year old executive on the hockey broadcast thinks this is funny. GUESS WHAT PUNK IT AIN’T . It is bush league. Heh if you are a leaf hater go and join the loser Hab broadcast. You wonder why ratings are dropping , well 45 year old goof figure it out idiot. Putting on a moronic show in between periods like that and also featuring Cliff I did nothing for the Leafs Fletcher will get the intelligent fan a little riled. Grow up you losers. You hate the leafs GET THE HELL OUT OF THEIR HOME BROADCASTS.

    • Thank you, I was thinking the EXACT same thing during that intermission. And that call on the Matthews goal is the exact same thing that happened to Mitch earlier in the season, where the goalie was hit, had ample time to recover, and they still called off the goal. I wish they would just blow the play dead when that happens because otherwise why are we wasting our time when we aren’t allowed to score? At least put time back on the clock. The first words out of my mouth after that call were “I hate the NHL”.

      • lukewarmwater

        Thanks Jake I appreciate that. I was thinking of analogies and I’ll use one . Hi everone this Frank Frankfurter with the Sea Hawk half time show. Well Sea Hawk fans I thought you would love to see Russel Wilson’s decision to pass rather than hand the ball to the beast on the one yard line. Isn’t that exciting as the Patriot defender makes the interception. As much as I think the interference call was garbage I get it that the leafs will get some breaks and lose some breaks. Btw I also realise that some home broadcasts become total fan boys, I just want a broadcast that will feature my team with out some of the horrifying moments as we all have seen that goal or that play or that series enough. Cheers to you.