Frederik Andersen Named NHL’s Second Star of the Week

Well duh.

After his career was over, starting the season with a .901%, Frederik Andersen has rebounded and earned himself the second star of the week from the NHL.

I mean, it’s pretty logical. Freddy literally didn’t allow a goal this week, and did it in games where his team was outshot 42-25 and 33-31. So, it’s not like he got shutouts like the bum Martin Brodeur where he only got 8 shots on him. The team played bad, and Freddy bailed them out both times, although he got a lot of run support against Montreal.

Since the god awful California/St. Louis road trip (and hey, what do you know, taking Polak out of the lineup), the Leafs have won six in a row, Freddy has had a .960%, and only allowed 7 goals during that span.

Andersen joins Teuvo Teravainen, who had five goals and 10 points in four games, and Nathan MacKinnon, who had five assists and seven points in three games, as this week’s three stars.

What does this mean? The accomplishment itself doesn’t mean anything, but it’s a good sign that the Freddy we know and love is back. Actually, not the Freddy we know and love. That Freddy is a .915 goalie, not a .960 goalie. But I’ll gladly take this one.