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Postgame: Au revoir, Habitants

Here’s a handy guide for how many goals the Leafs scored tonight (bilingual version):

  1. Un.
  2. Deux.
  3. Trois.
  4. Quatre.
  5. Cinq.
  6. Six.

The Leafs… well, kicked the crap out of the Canadiens.

In his return… Auston Matthews scored twice… and it didn’t even really matter as they were the 5-0 and the 6-0 goals in a shellacking.

Frederik Andersen picked up his second straight shutout, and this one didn’t even require overtime! Onto the worst team in the NHL in Arizona on Monday, as the Leafs come in riding a… six-game win streak. Let’s not get too cocky, but also we should, because after all, we are Leafs fans.


1st period

The Leafs didn’t do a whole lot. Some people got scared because the Leafs hadn’t scored yet, and as you can see above, got a little outshot to start things off.

There were no goals against, but also, unfortunately, no goals for.

We’d tell you more, but you’ll never look at this first period as a turning point. Not a whole lot notable went down, and the Leafs went into the locker room without a goal for the fourth straight regulation period.

Were you worried?

2nd period

The fanbase was in tatters to start this period.

There was a whole lot of “hrm, really?” and then a few cries of “where’s a goal?” and even the odd “the Leafs are playing poorly” and… well, the key word is, there was.

But then suddenly a mostly harmless pass to the point resulted in Ron Hainsey of all people taking a blast… and what do ya know, it’s 1-0 Leafs.

Not to be shown up by his defenceman, Nazem Kadri decided to take one of those “I’m the man” shots and just pop it off over Charlie Lindgren’s shoulder and in.

2-0 good guys after 40.

3rd period

Connor Brown picked up a “garbage goal” off a rebound to put the Leafs up by three..

Not to be outdone by a fellow winger, James Van Riemsdyk came out for a fourth.

And then, surprisingly, for the first time in their career…. Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews connected on a goal.

Just for fun, they did it again. 6-0 Leafs, final. What a night.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of Mad Montreal Fans online. There still are! And even… get this… some mad in person, as well!

There were a few dustups in what was a angsty third period, including Nazem Kadri getting jumped by Jordie Benn and Shea Weber, but at the end of the day, none of it really mattered as the Habs scored zero goals to the Leafs’ six.

Way to be, buds. WAY TO BE!

Good online #content

No pun here, but a great stat to point out:

It became outdated within about 30 second after uploading, but, hey, great content from an old pal Chemmy:

Not sure if we love or hate this:

And then this screenshot, forever.

See you Monday.

  • CMpuck

    Leafs outscored opponents 22-8 on this 6 game win streak, Yotes, Panther and Carolina on deck good chance of hitting nine straight.

    Really looking forward to whenever we run into Tampa.

  • jimithy

    Frederic Andersen was in fine fiddle and still in tune since the game before and before that even. Trouble would have come early if not for the fine fiddler Frederic.

  • lukewarmwater

    Great article and on another site I pointed out that the Habs were utterly bush league in having the big M switch from a Detroit jersey to the Habs. I mean come on that truly was a Vince McMahon W.W.E. move as he had his greatest years with the leafs. Habs management are even bigger losers than their invisible captain, okay he is visible on a milk carton and is a gutless cheap shot artist as two thugs jumped Kadri.
    Awesome, Auston Moses Matthews just picks up from where he left off. Steady Freddy totally in a zone. A nice home win for the leafs as their were thousands and thousands of blue and white jerseys.
    Good to see Comrade Zaitsev drop the gloves and take it to that capitalist Hab.
    Got to love the Triple M line led by Mat Martin the assist king. Let us recall he had three assists in one game earlier in the year. Keep it going leafs. Go leafs Go.

  • Niceguytrieshardlovesthegame

    Well done boys… From tip to tail a great game. Freddie was a brick wall and the boys came to play. I thought the Habs top line looked dangerous a few times but ultimately disappeared.

    My honourable mention goes to Babs. It’s not that they weren’t playing well, but the boys needed a boost, and switching up the lines was the medicine. I thought 11/12/28 was extremely effective and warrants consideration. I don’t want Marleau to have to play centre all of the time but man, what a great weapon to have. It’s comforting to know that if the starting lineup isn’t going he can just put them in this formation and know it works.

    Matthews. That is all.

    Oh, and 51 played a great game last night. He played with the urgency I asked for and was excellent at puck retrieval and generating plays. Hopefully the boys can extend this a little longer (or forever).

  • Glen

    YES! A good thumping of the Habs was long overdue. Another writer on this site prior to the game wrote about the Habs had superior numbers to the Leafs, well maybe they did and maybe they still do but all this does is illustrate how absurd it is to rely solely on analytics. The numbers that really matter were Leafs 6 canadians 0. Two straight for the Leafs over the Habs this year. Those numbers speak for themselves.