Leafs Geeks Podcast – PP Analysis with Gus Katsaros

This week we’re joined by one of my favourite analysts, Gus Katsaros, who does work with McKeen’s Hockey, Rotoworld, and Maple Leafs Hot Stove. We thought it would be fun to take a deep dive into the Leafs’ power play, so we tried our best to break down how Toronto’s been able to generate so much success at 5v4 over the past year. Here’s a list of the topics we discuss:

1:54 – Explaining the 1-3-1 PP Formation.
7:35 – The Matthews/Nylander Unit.
19:53 – The Marner Unit.
31:06 – Using the ‘Drop-Pass Play’ for the Zone Entry.
43:02 – The Evolution of the Point Shot.

As always, you can find the podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud (along with some other apps that I don’t know how to link).

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode, cheers! 🍻

  • CMpuck

    Fan question, why do normies think Zaitsev is a great top four with top pair potential when he produces the same eye sores as Jake? I understand why they scapegoat Jake but not only does Zaitsev get a pass, he gets praised.

    • The interesting thing with Zaitsev is that he’s clearly very talented (phenomenal backwards skater, great edges, and when you watch his KHL highlights you’ll see some pretty high-end skill)

      The tricky part with him is that he has some bad habits that hold him back (ie. flipping pucks out, conceding the blue-line in transition). His numbers are definitely concerning, and he’s already 26 (beyond his athletic peak). Considering he’s only played ~100 games on North American ice though, I’m hoping that there’s still some room for growth in his game. He’s not going to get any stronger or faster, but I feel like Babcock can instil some better habits in him. He did with Rielly, so I wouldn’t lose hope just yet 😉