TheLeafsNation is looking for contributors!

The Leafs Nation is looking for contributors!

Think you’ve got talent in #content?

Whether it be writing – social media- videos – graphic design – interpretative dance?

If you think you’ve got that special something to help us out… show it off!

If you’re interested, mail us a blurb at: TLNMailbag@gmail.com

Include it in a word doc, or just post it right in the email. Just make sure it’s in a format we can read.

Send it to us before puck drop on Saturday, November 25.

What you should include:

  • Name (or a pseudonym)
  • Twitter handle ( if applicable)
  • About 200 words about yourself
  • What are three potential pieces of content you could produce for TLN?  Alternatively, what are three improvements you think you could implement at TLN 
  • A sample of your work. Preferably about hockey… but if you don’t have anything, create something!


  • be creative. We’ll be getting a lot of applications. Do something to make yourself stand out.


  • tell us you’re a Leafs fan and that you watch every game. That’s… probably everyone. (But if you’re not a Leafs fan and want to contribute, that’s okay too!) Say something unique about yourself.

Please note:

  • This is a volunteer position. Paid opportunities could be available in the future. 
  • Expected contribution is about 2-4 times a month (but if you can do more, great!)
  • Perks include great friendship with our staff, invites to all our staff events, loving daily updates from our team group chat, and a great online platform to talk about the Buds… all day.
  • There is more than one position available.
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply.

If we want you, we’ll get back to you within a week with more information. If we don’t reach out… thanks for reading and keep on living your best life!