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Leafs Postgame: The Bruins lost twice in a row to the Leafs

Back-to-back games usually aren’t a ton of fun. You’re slow, tired, losing puck battles, and probably playing your backup goalie in the second half. Some nights, it seems like a loss is all but a guarantee. But in the rare home-and-home (why don’t they call it a home-and-away?)… sometimes you get nights when everything clicks. After an OT thriller last night in which Patrick Marleau scored the winner, the Leafs… won their fourth consecutive game, and their third consecutive game without Auston Matthews in the lineup.

With the bye week coming, the Buds are rolling. They weren’t pretty wins, but they were wins, and the Leafs got four in a row after a little bit of a slump. 19 games into the season, 12-7-0 is a VERY respectable place to be.

First period

Do we need to talk about anything else? Mitch Marner scored the opening goal of the hockey game, and all was good in the world. After he’d picked up a whale of points in recent games, Marner finally found the back of the net for the first time since Oct. 4. Slump. Busted. (Shoot the puck more, Mitch).

With about five minutes left in the frame, JVR tipped the puck into the net off a Nazem Kadri pass/shot (you know, one of those) and it was 2-0 Leafs.

Ever the copycat, Frank Vatrano scored a tip-in goal 62 seconds later and we entered the intermission with a 2-1 lead.

Second period

No goals, but there was this.

Oh, and Matt Martin, who briefly exited the game after a collision/(hit to the head?) got in a fight… which you can see here:

What more do you want us to say? Nothing else of value happened in the second, besides the Leafs getting outshot 13-11. No goals, a fight, and a failed Leafs powerplay. Onto the final 20…

Third period

Morgan Rielly, man. What more can you say about him this year? He’s found his game in the best way, and adds another due to some fortunate bounces. 16 points in 19 games. Norris, Rielly? Best defenceman in Ontario?

Patrick Marleau added an empty netter (after Zach Hyman graciously passed it off to him) and made it a 4-1 final score in Boston. FINAL. FOUR-ONE. TAKE…. THAT!

Good tweets

James with the love for Curtis McElhinney…

A little banter towards the infamous Boston anthem singer…


Some cross-sport content… if that’s your thing.

And most importantly… the W.

Huzzah! Enjoy the bye week, but don’t forget to stick around for our great #content!

  • lukewarmwater

    Some hilarious twitter comments stated as the leafs continue their mastery of the sweaty wrestling Bruins. Hilarious to watch Uncle Leo grabbing a hold of Marchand. He is one strong guy. Nothing finer than beating the snot our of Bean Town as the leafs do it twice and tomorrow the Raptors have the chance to complete the hat trick. SWEET CAROLINE.

  • Glen

    Great upbeat piece on the game, and no boring stats. Thank you! No denying analytics have a place but the only stat that counts at the end of the game is the goal total of each team. To me it seems Hainsey has had a huge calming influence on no. 44 and indeed the entire team. GLG

  • jimbobray

    Leafs should trade Matthews, they play better without him, undefeated. Could get two great D-Men and a bucket of frozen pucks, just kidding. But they still wouldn’t beat the Lightning. What a team, they skated circles around the Kings in LA, beat them like a red-headed step-child.