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Postgame: Dandy win over Randy

Thank goodness, folks. After an extended losing streak, the Leafs finally did something right.

You don’t really see the Leafs win a lot of games that are 2-1 with a minute to go, but hey, a lot of things happen over 82. When it was all said and done, it was 3-1 for Mike Babcock’s Leafs.

In the first period, the Ducks had 7 shots.

In the third period, the Ducks had 5 shots.

But in the second period, they had 17.

They scored in the first period and had a goal called off in the third, and had nothing in the second.

Hockey’s a weird sport sometimes, everyone.


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Kind of looks like DNA, no?

1st period

Here we go.

The lines were in a blender, and the Leafs took the lead.

The lines were in a blender, this looked nice, the Leafs were flying…. and then they gave up a goal to Ondrej Kase, which kind of bounced in right off of Andreas Borgman.

1-1 after 20.

2nd period

The second period was, as they say, frustrating AF. As we mentioned earlier, the Ducks played pretty well in this period. The Leafs took a pair of penalties, but FINALLY got a powerplay called in their favour as Antoine Vermette tripped up Zach Hyman. There was too many non-calls to count, two penalties killed off by the Leafs, and, uh… no goals for either team to write about.

3rd period

Remember when everyone was worried that Marleau was too old, too slow, too… bad?

Well, he scored here, so all of your analysis is wrong.

Then the Leafs gave up a game-tying goal with around two minutes left. The Leafs are still gonna Leaf sometimes, as we say. Except… the refs blew it off immediately.

Apologies from our friend @TheFlintor, who was quite tired and running on empty when he typed this tweet.

There was no goal, and then, well, the Leafs had a clear path to victory.

Leo Komarov added a late empty netter with 90 seconds to go, which usually isn’t that exciting.

BUUUUUUT. This dive.

Good tweets




And ATF says what we were all thinking could happen…

See you tomorrow (today), as the Buds take on the Kings.

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