Leafs Postgame: Even though we won, Marner’s goal should’ve counted

Usually, we like to have these things written and ready to go so they’re published near the time the final buzzer sounds.

Not today! Pardon my English, but what the hell was that game? We were on the edge of our seats the whole time and couldn’t even write the postgame in a timely manner!

Two points for the Leafs? We’ll take it, as the Buds continue to 7-2-0 on the season.

They’re good. No “actually” about it.


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First period

OK, there were two key things: Matt Martin scored a goal, and then EVERYONE got mad at the NHL for being stupid. That’s a theme that will continue throughout this game.

We’ll start with this goal, which uh, okay. Matt Martin scored it. But he just kind of stood there and let it hit him after a great rush by Mitch Marner.

And who was that on the primary assist? Roman Polak. He’s back and wonderful. Okay, well, he’s back and got a point.

1-0 good guys.

Then this other thing happened:

Jonathan Quick was hit in front of the net, and bumped his head.

Then he stayed in the game.

He went out to get looked at because of concussion protocol.

Then before the puck dropped he went back in net.

The refs said “no, go get your head checked out”.

Then Quick was out.

Then the clock started with Darcy Kuemper in net.

Darcy Kuemper made one save.

Then Quick went back in, all within the span of about three-seven minutes (we weren’t counting).

It was really dumb, and the NHL should feel bad for not properly administering its own concussion protocol, which requires players to go into a dark room and have a proper evaluation, which Quick obviously did not do. Goalies should not be an exception… but in this case, we guess they were? In one of the occassions, Quick took maybe three steps down the hallway towards the dressing room before turning around.

Then the period was over, and the Buds were still up 1-0.

Second period

After all that hoopla, an old guy showed us his twirl.

Didn’t result in a goal, but it was a nice “wow!” moment.

Tyler Bozak scored on the power play:

Adrian Kempe scored under a minute later and we got mad about it.

Third period

Mitch Marner ended his goal-scoring drought and if you don’t believe me you’re a government plant and a horrible person. Unfortunately, the NHL decided that the goal shouldn’t count due to a bad interference call and it hurts us so much we won’t even show you the replay. (Mitch did, however, end up with two assists.)

But then an old guy ran down the ice and did this:

#DaddyMarleau. Believe the #hype.

Then because the Leafs love to break our hearts, they messed up and allowed a shorthanded goal.

We also don’t want to talk about it, so we won’t.

Jonathan Quick then punched Komarov in the face for no good reason with 2:05 left in the game.

No, like, that’s all he did. A few scary moments on the power play, but the Leafs just kind of held on for the win at this point. 2 points, and the Kings lose their first game of the year in regulation. These kids are alright.

Some good tweets

Pumping our own tires:

Last time he was featured, he was a friend of the blog. Now he’s one of us:

Bobby with the #analysis:

A couple of other Toronto sports people in the house:

See you… Thursday? The Buds take on Carolina at home.

It’s gonna be a long few days.

  • lukewarmwater

    The hockey fan writes an entertaining article about the game. Nice to see you have a warped sense of humour. But take it easy on us old guys okay. Or I’ll have to take you out behind the wood shed just like they did in the old days, you young whipper snapper. But seriously that was a fun article. Good to see the Pulveriser with that cannonading shot result in a goal by Martin, which gave Roman a point in his first game.
    Even better was our team cop coming to the aid of Moore immediately after that blind hit.
    As you pointed out hockey fan, the N.H.L. looks like a local wrestling circuit when it allows Quick to quickly go into the hall way and gallop back out on to the ice. What a farce as it makes the person in charge who made the decision appear to be just a stooge.
    Way to go leafs in beating that sweaty wrestling Kings team.