LGD: Round One Rematch

It didn’t take long into the season for the Leafs to get a rematch against their playoff rivals and a little revenge would nice. Personally I wouldn’t mind Matt Martin getting some of that revenge on Tom Wilson’s face, but also winning a game of hockey would be nice.

Alexander Ovechkin has been reminding everyone that he should never be taken out of generational player discussions, and a red hot Ovechkin could be a real problem for a Leafs team that has had some shaky goaltending and defense so far this year.

On the positive side of things, the Leafs have been wonderful in most ways this year and haven’t given us much to complain about.

LINEUPS via DailyFaceOff.com

Loose Change

  • That’s a pretty friendly Caps defense for the Leafs to deal with. Leafs fans might not be fans of Toronto’s blueline, but with Niskanen on the IR and Shattenkirk with the Rangers, this is a much more manageable group than what we saw last April.
  • It’s likely Freddy Andersen and Braden Holtby going in net tonight, but with the Leafs in a back to back it seems possible that McElhinney (or possibly a recall) will be in net for the Leafs against Detroit tomorrow night.
  • Marner is on the fourth line (as discussed here). I’m willing to bet he’ll get top nine minutes regardless.

Tonight’s game starts at 7pm ET, and will be shown on TSN4.

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