LGD: Rivalry night in Canada; Leafs vs. Habs

Tonight the Leafs will face the first division rivalry of the season, and it’s one that the Leafs should be very cautious about.

The game will air at 7pm on CBC, and will be played at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

The Canadiens team coming into tonight has been bad. Like, incredibly bad. They have only one win, which came in a shootout. But expecting their shooting percentage to stay so low, and Carey Price’s save percentage to be so poor, is not a bet I’d be making. Habs have the 4th worst save % thus far, but they also have the 4th best xGA/60 (rate of preventing quality shots against).

The Leafs should be cautious tonight that they aren’t the team that allows Montreal to correct their percentages dramatically.

The Leafs have been absolutely porous defensively, so if there’s any team that can correct the Canadiens’ goal issues, the Leafs may be it.

Thankfully, the offense has been on fire. Having not scored fewer than 3 goals per game (Montreal has scored 4 goals TOTAL), the Leafs shouldn’t have too many problems scoring.

It’s definitely an exciting matchup, and the Leafs will no doubt be challenged.


Here are the lines for the Leafs, from DailyFaceoff:

And for the Canadiens, also from DailyFaceoff:


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