LFR11 – Game 4 – SixSixSix – NJ 6, Tor3

That’s the Devil, sometimes Cory Schneider is wicked.
  • lukewarmwater

    In a short period of time the Vancouver Canucks managed to move out their two talented experienced goal tenders both of whom made the all-star game after leaving Vancouver. Schneider has been a solid goal tender but has never played for a true cup contender. He does have the leafs number but often a team will make a goalie look good with shot after shot into his chest or pads. The goalies best friend also helped Scheider with a few clangs of the posts.
    Despite the frustrating defeat there were not many dull moments and some hilarious ones as well such as the clown W.W.E. refs trying to have Martin break his bear hug on a bewildered Devil pacifist only to see a leaf breaking in on Scheider on a break away and then deciding to whistle down the play as some of the players had stopped to watch the comical goof refs try to pull Martin apart from his counter part who wanted no part of our enforcer. Yesiree the W.W.E. refs at work, get your stick near a player and tweet two minutes. Way to take the momentum of a game away zebras.
    Mind you officiating is out of control in all sports including baseball where one veteran umpire got a good lecture from a team and manager and whined and cried to his fellow umps who all wore arm bands the next game.
    Sorry clown officials be happy with your quarter million salary and leave the stage to the real stars the multi million dollar players. Some how they can’t comprehend they ARE NOT THE SHOW.