Leafs Postgame: Win-in-the-‘Peg

Hockey’s back, and for the first time in a while, the Leafs start the season with expectations that are more than just “Maybe we’ll make the playoffs!” In a change of scenery, the Leafs start their season in Winnipeg against the Jets, who have smaller expectations (maybe winning a playoff game). Regardless, it’s Matthews vs….


Introducing a New WAR model: Part 3 – Expected Point Production

This is the third instalment of my 5-part WAR series. Here are the links to the other sections: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Shot Impact Part 3: Expected Point Production Part 4: Extras Part 5: Data Release We know that players can impact the total number of shots and, to an extent, the quality of…


LGD: The Buds are Back in The ‘Peg

It’s the National League Wild Card Game NHL’s Opening Night! The league has the Leafs in Winnipeg to take on the Jets because, ya know, that forced rivalry with 2017 Calder Trophy winner Auston Matthews and some other guy who didn’t win the 2017 Calder Trophy named Patrik Laine. I don’t think there’s actually anything there,…


TLN Predicts the 2017-18 Season

It’s been a long summer, but the day is finally here; The Leafs are set to get their season started this evening in Winnpeg, and it’s the beginning of perhaps the most hyped season I can remember in my adult life. We’ve covered every storyline in the Big Smoke during the offseason through the draft,…