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Morning After Postgame: montrealol

Oh, what a night. Did you have fun? I know I did! It was a night so splendid, none of the TLN staff were available to write the postgame! So h0ckeyfan *known on twitter dot com as at h0ckeyfan34* stepped in to make the debut. Except he kinda crashed on his couch last night and wasn’t able to finish. But here he is now!

The Leafs won, if you missed that.

Keys to the game

  • LOL habs. LOL
  • The Leafs won.

The start

The Leafs started badly, we’re not gonna lie. As fans, we have to call the team out when they weren’t good.

They weren’t. Sorry.

They gave up two goals in the first period of a preseason game.

But, they kept on trucking. And that’s why we love them.

The brunch

Gonna start calling the second period the brunch. Because it’s good and so is brunch. And it’s also in the middle, but sometimes not in the middle (in case of overtime.)

Here are some things that happened in the second period:

Connor Carrick has a nice dog named Hoagie and this was a nice preseason goal.

Marincin might be the best defenceman in the league in the preseason according to these four numbers on my spreadsheet. I can’t show you it tho. Sorry.

And then this as well.

Three defenceman, three goals. The habs did not score in this period at all.

The Leafs were better than the Habs in this period.

They scored three goals.

The Habs scored 0.

If you want more in-depth analysis for a preseason game, I can’t help you.

The finisher

Then there was this and also the thing below it.

SPORTS! Leafs beat the Habs! Season starts in less than a week!

h0ckeyfan’s mvp


See you next time!

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  • The Russian Rocket

    I don’t know who mailed it in more, h0ckeyfan or Montreal. Honestly, I’d be worried if I was a habs fan. I think they’re putting a lot of their eggs in the Drouin basket and the poor kid will only be able to do so much to help their lethargic offense.

    More importantly, I hope they miss the playoffs for the next 10 years.