WWYDW: What would you call the Leafs’ arena if you were in charge?*

*Please don’t just be that person who says “Maple Leaf Gardens.”

As you know, the Leafs’ arena is getting a makeover.

Air Canada Centre to be renamed Scotiabank Arena on July 1, 2018

That’s good news from a business standpoint, and bad news from a cultural standpoint. But at the end of the day, an arena is not about a name but rather the people inside there, right??? Right??? I think.

But what if yesterday instead Kyle Dubas or some other high ranking official in the Leafs’ organization decided to be like… “Actually, the fans get to vote on an arena name!”

What would you name it? Why? Would you give it a new name once a week? Would you just name it something funny like “Steve Dangle Podcast Arena?” Would you make it something charitable or meaningful?

Leave your ideas below. It’s all yours. At least in this exercise.

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