WWYDW: Who re-signs next summer?

Let’s think big picture today, because it’s a Wednesday evening in August and what else would you rather do than stress about NEXT offseason?

In case you need a reminder, here’s a list of the Leafs’ contract situations. Out of the “core pieces”, we’ve got JVR, Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov all potentially hitting the UFA market next season. Defensively, there’s no one, and in net both Frederik Andersen and Curtis McElhinney have term attached as well.

Dominic Moore, Ben Smith, Eric Fehr and Joffrey Lupul also all exist but, you know, two of them are as good as gone, one of them is one a one-year deal, and the other one probably isn’t even good enough to be in the NHL anyway. You figure out which label goes where.

The Leafs also have to deal with you know, some upcoming contracts for some pretty darn good young players?

With the three key forwards contracts’ all expiring on July 1, 2018, it’s time to get some planning.

Do you let everyone walk? Do you trade anyone today? At the trade deadline? Or do you try to re-sign them?

Do you keep Bozak because he’s a centre? JVR because you think he’s likely to want to keep playing a key role on a contending team? Komarov because of that one time he made the all-star game?

Make some noise in the comments below about your plan for how to handle Bozak, Komarov and JVR’s expiring contracts.

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  • Skill2Envy

    All of Bozak, JVR and Komarov stay and walk as UFAs. Consider them like playoff rentals, no need to sell them just to “get something for them”. The Leafs chances at everyone’s end goal, The Stanley Cup, is better with them on the team.

  • jbrough7

    I wonder if we can replace Bozak and JVR and Komarov in house this year? Is Aaltonen as good as Bozak? Can Kapanen switch to the LW and replace JVR? Can Sosh step in and be a better Leo? Maybe after camp and a few months of the season, we will know. I mean, we all know that our older players have to be moved out so we can afford to sign the big three. Will we start this year?

    I bet Kappi can step in and replace JVR, not with the scoring, but with more defensive awareness. Maybe it’s the same with Aaltonen? The one thing I am apprehensive about this year is how poor we were defensively last year and I am not sure if we fixed that. Maybe Kappi and Aalto can step in eventually this year and play with MItch and that line would be a lot better defensively? I sure hope so. Then we can trade the vets for picks in this great upcoming draft.

  • Capt.Jay

    And of course Nylander needs to sign.

    Komorov needs to stay, he’s a playoff type of player. Bozak needs to stay cause he isn’t replaced easily as a Center. JVR goes because he can be replaced easier and within house.

    • Capt.Jay

      Look at it this way. Soshnikov cannot replace Komorov. Who replaces Bozak at Center in the org? Leivo, or Kap could slide in and help ease the loss of JVR much easier than any other scenario.

    • The Russian Rocket

      You make a good point about Komorov’s playoff performance. He was a super pest in the playoffs. Would love to see him sign-on a cheaper deal for that reason.

  • Skill2Envy

    Bozak is the hardest to replace just based on position. Based on an article by Habs on the Prize, 2nd line centres average 39-55 points. Kadri and Matthews have that covered so we just need someone to slot into the 3rd spot.

    Grundstrom plays a game very similar to Komarov and almost every prospect that is NHL ready or on the cusp – Kapanen and Leivo included, can replace his production.

    Rychel and Johnsson can replace JVR, although the production won’t be there, similar play style is and for far less than the $6M+ JVR commands.