Introducing the New TLN Staff!

In case you didn’t see it on twitter, we introduced some new staff today.

This video gives you good intro pictures and whatnot and is much better than the bios below.

(It’s terrible. I don’t know why I made it.)

Mike Commito (@mikecommito)

Mike Commito is a hockey historian and writer from Sudbury, Ontario. Mike’s work has appeared on Sportsnet, VICE Sports, the Hockey News, and Sports Illustrated. After Mark Recchi, he’s the best hockey doctor.

(Editor’s note: Mike is fantastic. The worst thing I have to say about him is that he missed that the bio was supposed to be in first person.)

Megan Kim (@meggo1532)

“Big Nate Schmidt fan.”

(Editor’s note: I think she was joking, but it’s easier that way. She works for a junior hockey team in Texas and doesn’t have a favourite NHL team. Writes all kinds of great content, though.

Brayden Engel (@Engel_Brayden)

I’m a hockey goalie eager to share my highly valued Jr B opinion with the readers of TLN. While fairly new to writing, I’ll look to draw on my experience playing the game as well as my affinity for numbers to provide a unique outlook on our beloved Leafs.

(Editor’s note: He’s on elite prospects. Don’t search him though.)

Shawn Reis (@ShawnReis)

He’s back again!

If you don’t know, Shawn came on the same time as me in October, 2014.

@YakovMironov (The artist sometimes known as Jon Steitzer.)

He’s back too. Oh no. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a real person.

Cam Lewis (@cooom)

He writes here already, but is just helping out a whole lot more. He’s also a Canadian student newspaper legend.

Hope you enjoy our staff.